NBA 2K22 Watch Kendrick Perkins Rant Video Guide

While you playthrough the MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K22 you unlock a variety of side quests and interesting interactions. One of the side quests players can unlock is called The Drama: Trade Rumors. This side quest tasks you with watching the latest rant video from former NBA player Kendrick Perkins. For more details see our NBA 2K22 Watch Kendrick Perkins rant video guide below.

How to Watch Kendrick Perkins Video in NBA 2K22

Image showing how to watch the Kendrick Perkins rant video in NBA 2k22.

Completing this side mission is fairly straight forwards if you know where you need to look. To complete the quest you need to watch the mentioned video from Kendrick Perkins. To do this open your phone and access the Social screen (bottom middle icon). When you open the social feed you will see a message from Kendrick Perkins at the top of your feed. This message can be interacted with. Interact with the message to play the video.

After you watch the rant video from the Top Takes Daily the quest will progress. The next step is to speak to Ricky regarding the trade rumors Perk brings up in his video. When you speak to Ricky you can choose to pursue a trade or not. Selecting the trade option gets the ball rolling for a trade to a new team.

That’s all you need to know about watching the Kendrick Perkins rant video. This side quest is very easy to complete. Once the choice has been made you will end up on a new team or will remain on the team that drafted you.

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