NBA 2K18 Neighborhood Guide – Everything to Know

After you’ve checked out the main street, make you way down the street with all the shops on it (pictured below). Here you will find the likes of the NBA Store, Foot Locker, Tattoo Shop, and more.

NBA2K18 NBA Store

Where is it?: On the corner across from the Pro – Am arena

What is it?: The NBA Store sells pretty much everything basketball related. Here you can buy jerseys, hoodies, and on court accessories. Levelling up your MyPLAYER will give you access to more items to purchase.

Foot Locker

NBA 2K18 Foot Locker

Sells shoes

Where is it?: Directly across from the NBA Store

What is it?: Foot Locker sells both on and off court sneakers for your MyPLAYER. Levelling up your MyPLAYER will give you access to more items to purchase.

Recording Studio

Where is it?: In the alleyway to the right of Foot Locker is a door to the Recording Studio

What is it?: The Recording Studio let’s you throw down some sick tracks with NBA stars like Damian Lillard. Access to the Recording Studio occurs well into your first NBA season. Eventually you should receive a text from Shammy who will invite you to come down to the studio.

Alley – Oops Tattoo

Where is it?: Down the street from the NBA Store (across from Swag’s)

What is it?: This is where you go to get tattoos for your MyPLAYER.


Where is it?: Across from Alley – Oops Tattoo

What is it?: This is where you go to buy strictly off court and streetball oriented apparel for your PLAYER. Levelling up unlocks more items to purchase at Swag’s. You can also find certain items from sponsors such as Gatorade in Swag’s.


Where is it?: Down the street from the tattoo parlor (look for the barbershop pole).

What is it?: This is where you go to get change the haircuts and facial hair of your PLAYER. Levelling up unlocks more styles as well as dye colors.

DowNRain (Shooting Mini – Game)

NBA 2K18 DowNRain

DowNRain minigame in NBA 2K18

Where is it?: Down the alleyway to the left of the 2K Zone.

What is it?: You have thirty seconds to make as many shots ranging from 1 – 3 pointers. Total score is kept.

2K Zone

NBA 2K18 2K Zone

2K Zone features a number of minigames to play with friends

Where is it?: Directly across from Doc’s

What is it?: 2K Zone is basically a social area/arcade. Inside you will find a number of minigames you can play. These include mini-hoops, quizzes, and betting VC on the outcome of real NBA games.

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46 responses

  1. RANDOMDUDE says:

    How do you upgrade your my player on the nintendo switch?

  2. Confuzzeled says:

    How do i get to the main street

  3. Will says:

    I can’t go into the neighborhood on the Nintendo switch

  4. dez says:

    i can’t even see the buy option for custom shirts

  5. Big boi says:

    Where’s Main Street news????

  6. MFPB says:

    I’m in my 3rd season an my VC sports management has been closed since my 1st season how do I fix that

  7. Slasher says:

    My neighboorhood is empty. I mean there’s no other player in streets
    Do i need ps plus?

  8. Read if ur gay says:

    How do you put on in game epuipment eg headbans, Arm Sleaves etc

  9. George Alvarez says:

    Where is the place to go fishing with Paul George i cannot find it

  10. jimmy says:

    toxic playz where do i get the alley oops tattoo shirt

  11. Rickelle Jones says:

    How come I cannot go to vc sports store it’s closed, and how do I buy vc?

    • Ear says:

      You can only go in the vc sports management when your agent texts you to come do something. When that happens you just go there and that is where your agent will talk to you. And you buy vc by pressing triangle or Y

  12. Best Bum says:

    How do I activate a contract

  13. Lindsey says:

    How do you activate a contract?

  14. CK says:

    The Newspaper Stand (Main Street News) is where you would boost for park, pro am and career.

  15. Michael says:

    How to I get to the neighborhood? I’ve created my career but it’s the same as before just a Calendar of games…help please

  16. Keith says:

    How do I play my first game

  17. sundoobie says:

    Thank you for this guide. I got dizzy running around the neighborhood trying to find mycourt to change my shirt objective. Can’t believe they didn’t include a navigation or map and just expect us to know where everything is. Mycareer mode’s neighborhood is trash in 2k18. What a waste of time running around and around. This is a basketball game yet they are pushing it to be an RPG.

  18. Shaawntell says:

    How do you get access to the recording studio

  19. Aston says:

    Where do I get the t-shirts with Gatorade or Mountain Dew on them for my endorsments?

  20. Josh says:

    what about the recording studio? where is that?

    • enricofairme says:

      The Recording Studio is located in the alley on the right of the Foot Locker. Look for a door in the alley which leads to the Recording Studio. Guide has been update!

  21. Clueless says:

    I had no idea that NBA2k has been making such a push to provide so many other things to do in the game… that and encourage microtransactions.

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