MyREP Unlocks in NBA 2K21

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NBA 2K21 continues with the MyPLAYER system called MyREP. This MyREP system works similar to the level system but is more focused on the Neighborhood experience. As you level up your MyREP you will unlock different items. The complete list of all the MyREP unlocks in NBA 2K21 can be found below.

Note: You can monitor your MyREP progress under The Neighborhood > MyREP selection on the option screen.

Rookie MyREP Unlocks in 2K21

Image showing the Rookie MyREP Unlocks in 2K21.

Rookie is the first class of MyREP. There are a total of three tiers inside this class. For each tier unlock you receive different items. Here’s what they are.

Rookie One Unlocks

  • Unlock all Hair Color’s at Doc’s.
  • Customize your jersey at the NBA Store.
  • Ability to wear accessories in The Neighborhood.
  • Can buy hats and bling at Swag’s/
  • Tier 1 Emotes unlocked.
  • Skateboard, Beach Cruiser and Scooter available for purchase.

Rookie Two Unlocks

  • Unlock exclusive arm accessories.

Rookie Three Unlocks

  • Unlock MyCOURT backboard customization.

Pro MyREP Unlocks in 2K21

Image showing the Pro MyREP Unlocks in 2K21.

After you level up from Rookie status you become a Pro. Pro features three tiers as well. With each tier unlocking various items. Here’s what you unlock in the Pro tiers.

Pro One Unlocks

  • Tier 2 Emotes Available.
  • Neighborhood Gameplay Animations Now Available.
  • Legend jerseys available in the NBA store.
  • Tier 1 Player Panels unlocked.
  • Low Rider Unlocked.
  • Can buy eye wear and backpacks.

Pro Two Unlocks

  • Iron Wall Badge Unlock: Set Hard Screens in the Neighborhood.
  • Unlock exclusive arm accessories.

Pro Three Unlocks

  • Unlock MyCOURT scoreboard customization.

All-Star MyREP Unlocks in 2K21

Image showing the All-Star MyREP Unlocks in NBA 2K21.

Once you’ve become pro it’s only logical you will ascend to All-Star status. The next cluster of tiers is the All-Star tiers. Here you will have three tiers to unlock. Check them out below:

All-Star One Unlocks

  • Tier 3 Emotes Available.
  • Tier 2 player panels unlocked.
  • Unlock more gameplay animations.
  • Park Handles – Park Dribble moves now available in The Neighborhood.
  • Hoverboard available.

All-Star Two Unlocks

  • Screen Crusher Badge: Blow up hard screens in the Neighborhood.
  • Unlock exclusive arm accessories.
  • Unlock exclusive eye wear.

All-Star Three Unlocks

  • DJ sets unlocked in Neighborhood. Perform for your friends.
  • Use your own ball in Neighborhood games.
  • Add Murals to your MyCOURT.
  • Unlock MyCOURT floor customizations.

Superstar MyREP Unlocks in 2K21

Image showing the Superstar MyREP Unlocks in NBA 2K21.

After you become an All-Star the next stop is Superstar. As a Superstar you can unlock a wide range of unlockables. These unlockables are split across three tiers. The tiers are as follows:

Superstar One Unlocks

  • Can take your shirt off.
  • More gameplay animations unlocked including hoverboard animations
  • You can now place Tattoos on your Neck, Back, and Chest.
  • Can spin the wheel twice at a time
  • Trike available at Wheels.
  • Tier 4 emotes unlocked.

Superstar Two Unlocks

  • Nothing Easy Badge – Hard fouls at the rim boost your team’s takeover in The Neighborhood.
  • GYM RAT Badge: No more lifting for you.

Superstar Three Unlocks

  • Your own entrance in the Neighborhood.
  • Mini-basketball game unlocked in your MyCOURT.
  • MyCOURT Penthouse unlocked.

Elite MyREP Unlocks in 2K21

Image showing the Elite MyREP Unlocks in NBA 2K21.

Reaching Superstar MyREP status is great and all, but being Elite is even better. This next tier of MyREP levels unlocks a number of sweet unlocks. Check out the three tier unlocks below.

Elite One Unlocks

  • Tier 3 Player Panels unlocked.
  • Tier 5 Emotes Available.
  • Spin the Elite Daily Wheel for better prizes.

Elite Two Unlocks

  • Create your own T-Shirt.
  • Takeover Booster – Your takeover meter will now fill up faster in The Neighborhood.

Elite Three Unlocks

  • Can buy and shoot off fireworks.
  • Earn double the VC.
  • Mascot items become available at Swag’s.

Legend MyREP Unlock in 2K21

Once you’ve become an Elite, the only place left for you to go is into Legend status. This final tier is the last MyREP position for players to earn. At Legend status players unlock the following:

  • Arrive in Style.
  • Get +10 Badge Points in each category.
  • Legend Player Panels.

This concludes our look at the MyREP unlocks in NBA 2K21. Think this year’s unlocks are worth the effort? Let me know in The Pit below.

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