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Blasphemous has received a new update called Strife & Ruin which adds a number of new additions to the game including a new quest featuring Miriam. Miriam is the star of another popular metroidvania called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. To help you complete this new crossover quest use our Miriam’s Challenge guide below.

Note: If you don’t like platforming in this game do not bother with this quest. It is all platforming and no combat.

Where to Start Miriam’s Challenge

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The Miriam’s Challenge quest can be started in New Game, New Game+, or an existing save. The only real requirement to gaining access to the quest is to reach the Mother of Mothers area. In the Mother of Mothers area there’s a new location called All the Tears of the Sea. You reach this location by heading east in the Mother of Mothers area.

When you do reach All Tears of the Sea head east through the area until you reach Miriam who is standing next to a broken mirror. When you approach this NPC a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene you will follow Miriam into the next room where a challenge awaits.

Where to Find Miriam’s Challenges

Image showing Miriam's Challenges map location in Blasphemous.

To help Miriam leave your world you need to find shards that have been hidden throughout the land. These shards are located in Portals of the Blue Rose challenge rooms. Complete all five challenge rooms to get the five shards needed to fix the mirror to return Miriam to her world. The shards are located inside challenge portals in five different locations. The challenge portal locations are circled on the map above. Further detail of each challenge is located below.

All Tears of the Sea Shard Challenge

The first challenge you will encounter is located in All Tears of the Sea. This challenge becomes available automatically after you first meet Miriam. To complete this challenge you need to complete platforming sequence in under 1:15. At the end of this sequence is the first mirror shard. Collect it to return it to the portal.

Grievance Ascend Shard Challenge

Image showing the Grievance Ascend Shard Challenge wall.

The second challenge is located in the Grievance Ascend location. Make your way to the long vertical room that features poison and a number of enemies. Head to the top of this room and break the wall in the top west corner. Go into the next room to find the challenge portal. Go through the portal and complete the 2:00 platforming sequence to reach the shard at the end. Collect it to add another piece to the mirror.

Convent of our Lady of the Charred Visage Shard Challenge

Image showing the breakable wall in Convent of our Lady of the Charred Visage for the Miriam's Challenge mission.

The third challenge portal is located in the Convent of our Lady of the Charred Visage. Go to the first fast travel location and head into the large square room to the left. Make your way to the top left corner of this room by the ladder and destroy the wall there to reach the challenge portal. Complete the 2:30 platforming challenge to reach the third shard.

Library of Negated Words Shard Challenge

Image showing the Library of Negated Words wall leading to shard challenge.

You will find this challenge portal inside the area known as the Library of Negated Words. Make your way to the room where you find the Amber Eye Bead and destroy the wall to the left of the chest. This will reveal a room that holds the challenge portal. Go through the portal and finish the platform challenge in under 3:15 to get the shard.

Archcathedral Rooftops Shard Challenge

Image showing the Archcathedral Rooftops Shard Challenge wall.

The final location to look for the shard challenge is in the Archcathedral Rooftops. Here you want to make your way to the area that you can drop down into using the Linen of Gold Thread. Head right until you reach a dead end and break the wall there to access the challenge portal. Complete this challenge in 3:45 to get the shard.

Once you collect all five of the shards listed above return to Miriam. Speak to Miriam to trigger the end of the quest. Miriam will leave using the portal you created. Before leaving she will give you the Cantina of the Blue Rose. This prayer summons a large crystal rose that follows the player around. When shattered the rose sends shards out that hurt enemies nearby.

This isn’t the only new content that was added in the update. There is now an arcade game for players to play for a skin along with a boss rush mode. See both guides for more details on these new additions.

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