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In the Strife & Ruin update for Blasphemous there is an arcade cabinet that has been added for players to find an use. When used, this arcade cabinet let’s players play a game called Blasphemous: Alcazar of Grief. This retro minigame features a few collectibles players can find to unlock a special skin. To find all collectibles use our arcade skulls locations guide below.

Where to Find the Arcade in Blasphemous

If you read the opening paragraph and thought where the hell is the arcade you speak of, this section is for you. The arcade machine can be found in the Desecrated Cistern area. The room you want in the Desecrated Cistern is next to the room you can find the Hyoid Bone of Senex the Beggar. To get to the arcade room dash under the wall on the ledge on the right side. Once in the room you will find an arcade machine that can be played for 2500 tears of atonement. When you are ready to do so, start the game.

Skull Location 1 (Chest)

Image showing the first skull location in the Blasphemous arcade game.

The first skull in the arcade game can be located in the exterior area of the castle just before the first bridge. Here you will need to step off the raised ledge down the the ground below. Continue right and a chest will appear behind you with the first skull inside it.

Skull Location 2 (Block)

Image showing the skull location inside the castle lobby in the arcade game.

Make your way forward into the castle. In the first room of the castle there is a platform in the middle that has spikes on both sides. On the right side of this platform hit the block on the second step from the top to reveal a skull. Grab it to add it to your collection.

Skull Location 3 (Chest)

Image showing the second skull location in Blasphemous arcade game.

Continue through the castle until you reach the room above the long vertical room. Here wait for the bridge to close off the path you came up through. Head to the left and hit the wall to reveal alcove. Jump into the alcove and the a chest with the third skull will appear inside it.

Skull Location 4 (Block)

Image showing the third skull location in Blasphemous arcade game.

Continue forward through the castle until you reach the elevator sequence. Ride the elevator all the way down until you see the last block on your right. Hit this block to reveal the fourth skull in the arcade game. Grab it quickly as it will disappear if left long enough.

Skull Location 5 (Chest)

Image showing the fifth skull location in the Blasphemous acrade game.

The final chest is located in the golden brick section of the castle. Make your way to the vertical room that you need to head down. In this room about halfway there is a skeleton on the wall. Break the wall to the right of this skeleton to reveal an alcove. Stand in the alcove to have the final chest appear with a skull inside it.

Archaic Exaltation Skin Unlock

Once you have the five skulls listed above collected make your way to the end of the level. Defeat the boss here and enter the treasure room to the right. Approach the chest and the game will count the skulls you’ve collected. If you collected all five the chest will contain the Archaic Exaltation skin. You can equip this skin be following the steps here. This skin is the pixelated character model in the arcade game.

The arcade game isn’t the only new content that was added in this update. There is a new questline to complete for Miriam from Bloodstained, and a new boss rush mode.

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