Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC: How to Get the Trapper Trophy/Achievement

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In the second DLC for Metro Exodus, Sam’s Story, you take on the role of a character named Sam who is attempting to return to the USA to visit his father. As you attempt to make this dangerous journey back to your home you are tasked with exploring a few open areas. Within these open areas you will stumble across some interesting places with trophies/achievements attached to them. The guide below shows you how to get the Trapper Trophy/Achievement.

Trapper Trophy/Achievement in Sam’s Story

To get the Trapper trophy/achievement advance the main story of the DLC until you and Captain get drunk and wake up the next morning. After you’ve done this you will take control of Sam on top of the Captain’s building. Before you head out the Captain will ask you to arm some traps on your way down. To arm these traps you need a total of 5 Molotov Cocktails. Use the video above by YouTube to find the location of all 5 traps.

To arm a trap you need to have an available Molotov Cocktail in your inventory. Go up to the trap (there will be a number and X on the floor). Interact with the trap to arm it. Do this for all 5 traps and you will unlock the Trapper Trophy/Achievement. If you run out of Molotov Cocktails simply go to the room you and the Captain drank in and use the bench there to craft more. This room is accessible by going up the staircase right before the fifth trap.

That’s all everything you need to know to get the Trapper Trophy/Achievement in the Sam’s Story DLC for Metro Exodus. This Trophy/Achievement is one of many environmental based unlocks like the Cinephile.

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