Medeuuage Magaliths Standing Stones Solution – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

In the area of Cent, England you will find the Medeuuage Magaliths Standing Stones. These standing stones are a puzzle you need to complete by lining up symbols to match the symbols on a small stone sign. Matching the symbols can be a bit of a hassle to complete. To help you solve these Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Standing Stones use our solutions guide below.

Where to Find the Medeuuage Magaliths Standing Stones

The Medeuuage Magaliths Standing Stones can be found directly northwest of the C in the Cent on the map. Head to this location to find a circle of stones. At this circle look on the northside to find the symbol stone. Interact with it to hear Brendan of Clonfert speak. After this interaction you need to solve the standing stones puzzle.

How to Solve the Medeuuage Magaliths Standing Stones

Image showing the Medeuuage Magaliths Standing Stones solution.

Before doing anything you may wish to take out the bear that is sleeping in near the stones. If it aggros you you will have to defeat it before you can solve the puzzle. Once the bear is defeated head back to the symbol stone. To lineup the standing stones go to the right where there is a bald patch of ground. Stand in the bald path and look at the rocks in front of you. Move your Eivor around until you are at the location on the picture above. Look at the stones and lineup them up so they match the symbol. This will solve the puzzle.

When you solve the Medeuuage Standing Stones you will receive XP and +1 Cent Mysteries. That’s all the rewards you get for completing this puzzle. If you are going for 100% completion you will want to solve this standing stone puzzle as part of your general completion.

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