Luigi’s Mansion 3: Found the Royal Coffers in the Castle MacFrights

On the Castle MacFrights floor of the Last Resort there is a secret royal coffer for players to find that rewards them with both money and an achievement. To help you find this secret stash, check out the Found the royal coffers in the Castle MacFrights guide below.

Where is the Royal Coffers in Castle MacFrights?

Image showing the entrance to the Royal Coffers.

You can find the Royal Coffers in the Coliseum Hallway just before entering the boss fight arena (Coliseum). On the walls you will notice some tapestries. Pull off the final tapestry with your vacuum then use the Dark Light to reveal a secret door. Go inside the door to reach the Royal Coffers. When you enter the room the achievement will pop up. You can also grab the Green Gem in this area while you’re here.

The Found the Royal Coffers in the Castle MacFrights achievement is one of many floor specific achievements for players to complete. See the full list of Luigi’s Mansion 3‘s achievements here.

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