Luigi’s Mansion 3: Find Toad in Boilerworks Guide

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When you complete the Twisted Suites floor you will be contacted by E.Gadd who wants to see you at the Lab. Upon returning to the Lab E.Gadd will tell you that a Toad is missing. This Toad ventured into the Boilerworks on B2, so you will need to rescue him. To help you complete this rescue of Toad, consult our find Toad in Boilerworks guide below.

Reach Reservoir Room

When you arrive in the Boilerworks (B2) make your way to the Reservoir room. This can be done by clearing the ghosts in the Elevator Hall and the Waterworks rooms. Note in the Waterworks room a toolbox will roll in front of the door, trapping you in. Use your Plunger to move it out of the way. Once in the Reservoir room make your way to the bottom left exit that leads to Storage Room.

Rescue Toad From Storage Room

Image showing where to find Toad in Boilerworks.

Inside the Storage Room send Gooigi through the left pipe. Use Luigi to change the flow of water with the valve then walk Gooigi over to the box and jump. This frees Toad. Shoot Toad over the wall to Luigi at the entrance and head out into the Reservoir Room.

Finding the Part for E.Gadd

Image showing where to find the part for E.Gadd.

The reason Toad came to the Boilerworks was to find a part for E.Gadd. Now that we have Toad it is time to find the part. The part can be found in the right corner of the Reservoir Room. Stand Gooigi and Luigi on the platforms next to the generator to make it appear. Take Luigi and stand him on the platform then move it so you can reach the part. Once by the part shoot Toad at it to collect. Pick up the part then attempt to head back to the elevator. The way is blocked. We need to go a different route.

How to Leave Boilerworks

To leave the Boilerworks area grab Toad with your vacuum and shoot it at the ladder on the right side of the room. Climb the ladder and go up to the Observation room. Pass through the Observation room and make your way through Sewer’s A, B, and C, so you reach Drainage Control.

Drainage Control

Image showing how to open the door in Drainage Control.

When you enter Drainage Control Toad will tell you he remembers the way out. Follow Toad into the tunnel in the bottom left corner of the room and then shoot him into the brick wall blocking the way. Go deeper into the tunnel until you reach a closed door. Flashlight the switch on the wall then shoot Toad up to the handle. Insert the handle into the door to open it. Head into the Old Reservoir.

Old Reservoir

Image showing the Old Reservoir.

Head to the bottom of the Old Reservoir and shoot Toad into the brick wall to reveal a generator. Shoot Toad to the pad on the right then stand on the other pad to have the generator appear. Leave Gooigi by the generator and go back up top. Have stand on the platform and have Gooigi turn it until you can reach the exit. Go through the exit to arrive beneath Waterworks. Go left in Waterworks through the door here then shoot Toad at the ladder. Go up the ladder to reach the elevator. Interact with the elevator an defeat the two ghosts that appear. Go to B1 to see E.Gadd.

Installing Super Suction

Image showing how to install Super Suction.

Make your way to the lab in B1 and speak to E.Gadd. E.Gadd will install Super Suction. This new ability allows you to suck in a number of large structures if there is a nearby electrical socket. This will allow us to suck up the old boat on F12. Head to F12 now.

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    Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to help those of us (myself included) whom get to the point of almost throwing the switch in frustration because I cant figure out how to get to the next floor!! So much appreciation to you && grateful for the walkthroughs!

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