Luigi’s Mansion 3: 11F Twisted Suites Guide

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Once you’ve traversed the Boilerworks you will gain access to floor 11F. This floor is called the Twisted Suites and it houses a magic show. To get through this magic show with your sanity use the 11F Twisted Suites Guide below.

Note: you can see the locations of the Twisted Suites Gems here.

Explore the Twisted Suites

Image showing the Elevator Hall in the Twisted Suites.

Step out of the elevator and into the Elevator Hall to trigger a cutscene with the boss of this floor. Once the cutscene is over it will appears as if you can’t go anywhere. This is obviously wrong as both the left and right walls have exits on them. To reveal the right exit vacuum up the tapestry in the way. To reveal the left exit vacuum up the tapestry and then use your Dark Light to reveal a door. Go through the left exit first into the Bladed Bedroom.

Not really much to do in this room. Go through the top door to reach the Gallery. As you go to the right in the Gallery you will be attacked by a trash bin. Use your Plunger to pull the bin over then hit it with your Dark Light. Go through the door into the Inverted Bedroom.

Inverted Bedroom

Image showing the Inverted Bedroom in the Twisted Suites.

In the Inverted Bedroom head to the left corner and flashlight the clock there. This causes the bed to move. Use your Dark Light on the wall where the bed was to reveal a door. Go through the door to reach the next room which is the Illusion Bathroom.

Illusion Bathroom Key

Image showing the Illusion Bathroom Key.

Walk over to the chest here and interact with it to have the cursed chest come to life. To defeat the chest you need to interact with the toilet to spawn in fish. Shoot the fish that spawns into the chest and then use your Dark Light on it. Once it is dead interact with it to get the key. Return to the Inverted Bedroom and head through the door on the right.


Image showing the Lounge in the Twisted Suites.

In the Lounge you will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene walk to the up and open the bar walk through using your jump to gain access to the stage. Go onto the stage and look through the hole. You will see a key here. We need the key. After you regain control of Luigi a bunch of spiders will spawn. Take them out then take out the gold ghosts. You will notice you Polterpup appears by the vending machine in the top right corner. Use your Plunger to pull down the vending machine, revealing a door. Go through the door into the Water-Tank Bathroom.

Water-Tank Bathroom

Image showing the Water-Tank Bathroom.

Send Gooigi into the floor drain below. Walk Luigi over to the left side of the room and pull the wallpaper down to reveal a blank wall. Use the Dark Light on the wall to reveal a door. Switch to Gooigi and vacuum up the three orbs to make the wall permanent. Go through the door as Luigi into the Trainer’s Bedroom.

Trainer’s Bedroom Key

Image showing how to get the Trainer's Bedroom Key.

In the Trainer’s Bedroom you will see the key inside of a cage in the middle of the room. Go up to the key and interact with it to trigger a cutscene. The key will change into a golden bunny you need to catch. Have Gooigi or Luigi catch the bunny then hold it so the other person can use the Dark Light on it. This changes it back into the key. Grab the key when ready then head back to the Lounge area. In the Lounge open the locked door to the right and go through it into the False Bedroom.

False Bedroom

Image showing the False Bedroom.

When you enter the False Bedroom you will see a bed floating on top of a mirror. In this mirror you will see two curtains covering a door on the far wall. Use the mirror to orient yourself so you can suck up the curtains. Go through the revealed door to get to the Hall.

As soon as you enter the Hall a hat will fall on you. Jump to get the hat off then head through the door down below to reach the Stage. Walk through the Stage into Wardrobe to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you need to make your way to the Stage, unfortunately for us each room is changed so you essentially warp through the different rooms as you attempt to make your way back there. The proper room sequence to get back is Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Walk through the Gallery to Left exit. As you make your way through each room you will need to defeat enemies that appear. Full the directions above until your return to the Stage.

Stage: How to Defeat Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny

Image showing How to Defeat Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny.

Walk into the stage to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene a boss fight will start. To beat the boss you need to dodge the cards they throw at you and wait for them to circle in close. Once they close in on you (pictured above) you need to jump to knock the hats over. At this point run up to a hat and vacuum the hair to pull out a ghost. As you defeat a ghost the hat they were in is replaced with a bomb. You need to keep track of the hat with the ghosts inside them. Repeat this three times to defeat the boss. When you beat them you receive the Elevator Button for 12F.

Make your way back to the elevator and insert the button. Go to floor 12F now. Make your way to the left until you reach the old ship. At this point E.Gadd will radio you. Return to the Lab to learn Toad is missing. We need to find it in the Boilerworks.

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