Katana ZERO Factory Hideout Guide

The Factory Hideout Katana ZERO is the first taste of gameplay you will get. In this mission there are a number of enemies you need to take out as you progress to the end of the level. To help you reach the end, use the Katana ZERO Factory Hideout guide below.

Factory Hideout Room 1: Take Out Three Enemies

Image of Factory Hideout Room 1 with Three Enemies.

In the first room you need to clear out three enemies. There are two melee brawler types and one enemy with a gun. To complete this room, katana the brawler enemy standing on the stairs, then katana the door into the gun enemy. Follow up the door smash with a katana to the brawler by the desk and the room will be cleared. Head to the right into the next room.

Factory Hideout Room 2: Laser Traps

Image of the Factory Hideout Room 2 with Laser Traps.

In the next room you will watch a brief cutscene where a brawler character will flip a switch to turn on some lasers. These lasers will kill you on touch. Luckily we can roll our way through them. Just before the exit you will reach the switch the enemy pulled. Turn it off to access the next room in the Factory Hideout.

Factory Hideout Room 3: Enemies & Mobility

Factory Hideout Room 3: Enemies & Mobility
Factory Hideout Room 3: Enemies & Mobility

In the third room of the Factory Hideout you are introduced to some more mobility mechanics. In this room you will see two brawlers standing over a shaft leading up. Like any good ninja you should wall jump up to the enemies and then take them out with your katana. After this you will need to get past a laser. Roll through the laser and then wall jump up to the spinning fan. Slow down time then roll through the fan (don’t roll when the fan is red). Head to the next room.

Factory Hideout Room 4: Free the Scientist

Factory Hideout Room 4: Free the Scientist
Factory Hideout Room 4 Free the Scientist

In this next room there are six brawler enemy types you will need to take out. The first two are on the first floor. The next one is behind a door on the right side of the second floor, and the final three are on the third floor. Since these enemies do not have weapons, clearing this room is pretty simple. Use the doors to your advantage when the enemy gets close. Once you’ve cleared all the enemies (and rolled through the lasers), flip the switch then head to the far right of the third floor to reach the scientist.

Factory Hideout Room 4 Free the Scientist

When you reach the scientist, speak with him and get him to follow you. As you begin to leave the scientists head will explode. A brief cutscene will trigger and three gun wielding enemies will enter the room. Wait for these enemies at by the stairs to the third floor (stand on the third floor and wait for them to come up the stairs), then drop down and take them out. Leave out the way you came to end the mission.

Your Apartment – Sleep the Meet Employer

Your Apartment - Sleep the Meet Employer

After the mission is over you will return to your apartment. In you apartment you can turn on the TV to get some lore/story information. All you need to do here is drink your tea (in the kitchen), then fall asleep on the couch. There will be a brief cutscene nightmare sequence. Then you will wake up and head to your employer/psychiatrist. After meeting with the employer you can interact with his desk for some more lore. You will then head to the next level Murdower Hotel.

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