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In Red Dead Online you are tasked with helping out a few sheriffs throughout the world. One sheriff you will help out is the Police Chief of Blackwater. The Police Chief of Blackwater can be located in Pike’s Basin just northwest of Macfarlane’s Ranch. Meeting this sheriff will trigger the If The Hat Fits… mission. Below is our If the Hat Fits guide, use it to complete the mission.

Note: This is an Honorable/Dishonorable choice mission. The outcome of your choice impacts your story mission strand (there are two paths: honorable/dishonorable with two missions a piece). Both strands can be accessed with the same online player (by simply raising/lowering honor after completing the three Sheriff missions).

Starting the If the Hat Fits Mission

Starting the If the Hat Fits Mission

You can start the If the Hat Fits mission near the Macfarlane Ranch.

To start the If the Hat Fits Mission you will first need to have spoken with Horley in Blackwater (during the A Land of Opportunities mission). During this meeting he will tell you to help out a few sheriffs throughout the map. The Blackwater Police Chief mission can be found in Pike’s Basin just northwest of Macfarlane’s Ranch. Go there when the scale symbol appears on your map. The mission itself is as follows:

A conman and outlaw is on the loose. Whether justice is done will depend on your honor.

This mission has a required player number of 2 – 4.

Go to The Camp

Go to The Camp

At the start of this mission make your way to the camp where the conman is hiding.

The smooth talking conman the Sheriff wants us to take out is located at a camp in Pike’s Basin. Your first mission objective is to reach the camp. The camp can be found to the southwest of the starting mission location. You can go down into the basin or stay up top to pick off the enemies. Regardless, make your way to the camp to trigger the next objective which is to take out the guards protecting the conman.

Take out The Gang Protecting the Outlaw

Once you reach the camp you will be tasked with taking out the gang that is protecting the outlaw. If you want to make things easy and safe for yourself, engage from the upper are of the basin rather than running down immediately. With the high ground advantage is it fairly easy to pick off the enemies and stay safe at the same time. Once you’ve cleared out the enemies make your way down to the outlaw.

Help Deliver the Outlaw to the Police Chief

Help Deliver the Outlaw to the Police Chief

When you hogtie the conman a number of enemies will rush into the valley.

With the conman hogtied you will then be tasked with delivering the outlaw to the Police Chief. While this sounds easy it is at this moment a cutscene triggers and a number of enemies rush down into the valley from above. Kill these enemies and then mount your horse and follow the mission marker deeper into the basin.

The next portion of this mission is essentially a corridor shooter. As you ride you will need to fend off enemies on all sides of the basin. As you go you will find that you reach a spot where an explosion triggers and essentially incapacitates your horse. From here you need to proceed on foot. Make sure someone in your party is carrying the conman. Eventually you will reach a campsite where you can put the conman down. At this moment you will be presented with a choice:

  • Help the Conman (Dishonorable).
  • Don’t Help Him (Honorable).

If you help the conman he will lead you to some cash along the way to the Police Chief before he departs. Regardless of choice the last objective of this mission is to ride to the Police Chief with the conman (or body). Once you do this you will complete the mission.

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