How to Unlock the Partrick Shirt in Super Mario Maker 2

In Super Mario Maker 2 players can customise the look of their Maker avatar using a number of different clothing items. These clothing items range from simple shirts to more complex outfits. This guide will show you how to unlock the Partrick Shirt for yourself.

Advance the Story Mode to Meet Partrick

Image showing the Patrick NPC in Mario Maker 2.

There’s a new addition in Super Mario Maker 2 called Story Mode. In Story Mode players playthrough a story that involves rebuilding Peach’s castle using coins. To get the Partrick Shirt, playthrough the story mode until you meet Partrick. Partrick can be found by going into the red pipe unblocked by Mr. Eraser.

Complete Partrick’s High atop Thwomp Tower Job

Image showing the High atop Thwomp Tower job description.

When you meet Partrick he will tell you that he has a job for you to complete. You need to complete two jobs to access the High atop Thwomp Tower job that rewards you with the Partrick Shirt. The first two jobs are:

  • House of ! Blocks.
  • Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below.

Upon completion of these two jobs for Partrick, you will unlock the third and final job, High atop Thwomp Tower. In this job you will need to make your way through a three star difficulty level that is infested with Thwomps. For completing the job you will unlock the Partrick Shirt.

Equipping the Partrick Shirt

The Partrick Shirt clothing item can be found in the Course World mode. In this mode you make a Maker avatar. This avatar can wear different pieces of clothing. To equip the Partrick Shirt make your way to the Maker avatar page. From here select Change Outfit. You will find the shirt on the upper body page.

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