How to Unlock Player Upgrades in The Last of Us 2

In The Last of Us Part II players take on the role of Ellie. Ellie is your standard action hero who is capable of taking on most of the enemies she faces. While this remains the true for much of the game you will want to unlock player upgrades for Ellie so she remains strong. If you are wondering how to unlock these player upgrades we have you covered. Check out our how to unlock player upgrades in The Last of Us Part II guide below.

Collect Supplements to Unlock Player Upgrades

Image showing how to access the Player Upgrade menu in The Last of Us Part II.

As you explore the various levels in The Last of Us Part II you will want to grab various resources you stumble upon. One of the resources you will want to be especially aware of is Supplements. Supplements are your primary means of unlocking Player Upgrades for Ellie. Once you have enough Supplements you can open the Player Upgrades screen by pushing the smart pad on your PS4 controller. When you do this Ellie will interact with her backpack opening up a few useful menus:

  • Crafting.
  • Player Upgrades.
  • Collectibles.

The menu we want is Player Upgrades. This menu is denoted by the supplement icon. Scroll over to this menu using your L1 and R1 buttons. On the Player Upgrades screen you can purchase upgrades in Survival, Crafting, and an unlockable perk. Within each of these categories there are a number of upgrades you can purchase to make Ellie better.

If you are a trophy hunter you will want to spend your time finding supplements out in the world. There are three trophies tied to the Player Upgrade system and these are Apprentice, Specialist and Survival Expert. To unlock the Apprentice trophy you only need to unlock one Player Upgrade; the Specialist trophy is to learn all Player Upgrades in one branch; and the Survival Expert is to unlock all Player Upgrades.

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