How to Throw Poke Balls in Pokemon Legends of Arceus

The core gameplay in Pokemon Legends Arceus is catching Pokemon. This task is given to you by Professor Laventon who wants to fill the regions Pokedex. To do this you need to learn how to throw Poke Balls in Pokemon Legends of Arceus. The guide below will walk you through the catching system.

Catching Pokemon in Acreus

Professor Laventon will introduce you to the new catching system that exists in the game during the tutorial section. You are tasked with catching three Pokemon: Rowlett, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott. Before getting to catch them you will see the screens shown above. These screens show you the controls which are simple. To throw a Poke Ball hold ZR to aim it and then release ZR to throw. If you start to aim, but don’t want to throw, press B to cancel.

That’s the general idea behind throwing Poke Balls. Some things to keep in mind while trying to catch-em-all is that Pokemon are easier to catch if you sneak up on them. Pokemon that see you are harder to catch and will break out more often.

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