How to Start Red Dead Online Blood Money

The Red Dead Online Blood Money update was added to the popular online game in the summer of 2021. This update added new quests for players to complete in the game for a character named Martelli. If you are wondering how to start Red Dead Online Blood Money the guide below will show you your options.

Start from Online Screen

Screenshot showing how to start the Blood Money update from the online screen.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset

Once you download the update and login for the first time you will see a new Blood Money option on the online starting screen. Selecting the option takes you directly to Saint Denis where you can meet Guido Martelli. This is the easiest and least time consuming method for starting the new update.

Read Letter from M in-game then go to Saint Denis

Map location of the start of Red Dead Online Blood Money.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

If you don’t want to jump straight in you can login to the game as you normally would. Once in the game open your satchel and go to Letters. Here look for a letter from “M”. Read the letter to learn where to meet Martelli. The location is Theatre Raleur, Hestia Street, Saint Denis.

Once you’ve read the letter head to the map location shown above. Here you will encounter this new character. This will trigger a cutscene that explains the role you will be playing in the crime family. Once the interaction is complete you can start to complete Blood Money missions for Capitale. You can also head to the Fence to buy the 5 Gold Hired Gun Kit which contains a Bandana, ammo, consumables, Gun Oil, and 10 Capitale to get started.

That’s all you need to know to start the Red Dead Online Blood Money update. The process is fairly simple, but may be a touch confusing for those that jump straight in.

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