How to Play with Bots in World War Z

World War Z is a co-op focused zombie game with emphasis on playing with friends. With that said, not everyone has friends to play with, or you may just want to play solo. To help you here’s how to play with bots in World War Z.

Play the Co-op Campaign Offline

Play the Co-op Campaign Offline.

Play the Co-op Campaign Offline.

If you want to play alone, select the offline option when you begin a co-op campaign. This will put you into a lobby which has been populated with three bots. These bots will serve as your teammates. Keep in mind that bots are fine for lower difficulties, but at the higher difficulties you are pretty much on your own (ie you will need real people). Good luck!

Playing with bots is rather simple and straightforward. With that said it does require playing offline. As of right now the developers are looking into Private Lobbies, so expect to wait a bit for that feature. Hopefully you found this post on how to play with bots in World War Z to be helpful. Check out our other guide to accessing your World War Z DLC items.

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