How to Open The Gate in The Last of Us 2

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Once you reach Seattle you will arrive in the mission called The Gate. This mission tasks Ellie and Dina with advancing deeper into the Seattle area by passing through a checkpoint. During this mission you will encounter a locked gate that must be opened to advance the story. To help you with this objective use our how to open the gate in The Last of Us Part II guide.

Open the Fence Gate Using the Generator and Extension Cord

Image showing how to get into the military trailer to open the gate in The Last of Us Part II.
Image showing the generator you need to use to open the gate next to the military trailer.

After you’ve climbed down the watch tower you will arrive in a fenced off area with a Hummer and a military trailer inside it. In this fenced off area there is a locked gate. If you attempt to interact with this gate when there is no power you will be unable to open it. To get this gate open do the following:

  1. Throw object at window of trailer to smash it.
  2. Climb through smashed window and enter the trailer.
  3. Open locked door in trailer then head out the door in the back.
  4. Go past the generator and open the fence gate.
  5. Go back to the generator and turn it on.
  6. Take the yellow cable and plug it into the outlet next to the big gate to power it up.
  7. Interact with the red button to open the gate.

Once the gate is open you will gain access to a second trailer which has a big red button you can push. This big red button opens the main gate. When you push it now nothing will happen since you have no power.

Open the Main Gate with the Extension Cord

Image showing how to get power to the second trailer in The Gate level of The Last of Us Part II.

To get power to this trailer you will want to head back to the gate we opened earlier so we can unplug the extension cord there. Once you’ve unplugged the cord carry it over to the generator and then throw it over the fence towards the other trailer. This shortens the distance you need to travel with the extension cord which allows it to reach the outlet on the back of the trailer. Run back through the gate to the cord you threw over the fence and plug it in so it is setup like it is shown above. Head into the trailer and press the red button when ready. Input the code 0512 to open the main gate.

That’s all you need to know to get the gates open in The Last of Us Part II The Gate level. This puzzle sequence is relatively straightforward to complete, but can be a bit of a pain if you aren’t paying attention.

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