How to Get the Second Chance Perk in NBA 2K24

Image showing the Second Chance Perk and what it does in NBA 2K24.

A new aspect of NBA 2K24 is the ability to unlock and use different Takeover Perks. This make building out your player more interesting and you can really shape them into the player you want them to be. To ensure you have access to all perks you will need to unlock a number of them. One you can unlock is the Second Chance Perk. To learn how to get the Second Chance Perk in NBA 2K24, see our guide below.

Where to Get the Second Chance Perk in NBA 2K24

Image showing the entrance to Brickley's Gym in NBA 2K24.
You unlock this perk in Brickley’s Gym.

The Second Chance Takeover Perk can be unlocked by completing the Second Chance side quest. This side quest becomes available to players as they complete NBA games. When the quest is available to you it will ask you to visit Chris Brickley at the Brickley’s Gym in the City.

The easiest method of reaching Brickley’s Gym is to use the game’s fast travel subway system. Enter the subway and go to the City West station. Head to the northeast of the station to reach the entrance to Brickley’s Gym. Enter it via the door to go into the gym area.

Objectives to Unlock the Second Chance Perk in NBA 2K24

Image showing a 3v3 in Brickley's Gym in NBA 2K24.
While playing at Brickley’s Gym you need to reach 50 total stats.

To unlock the Second Chance Takeover Perk you need to complete two objectives. The first objective is to go to Buckley’s Gym which is fairly self explanatory. The second objective is to earn stats during scrimmages that amount to 50 in points/rebounds/assists/blocks and steals. To accomplish this feat you need to focus on what your player is good at.

Due to the nature of the total stats you must earn this objective may take you a few days. Try and pair it with the Decelerator perk quest to make both unlocks a bit more efficient. Upon reaching the state line you will receive the Second Chance Takeover Perk.

What Does the Second Chance Takeover Perk Do in NBA 2K24

Reaching a total of 50 in points/rebounds/assists/blocks/steals at Brickley’s Gym you will unlock Second Chance. To equip this Takeover Perk make open the menu and go to Progression > Takeover. Select Takeover to go to the Takeover screen. On this screen you can select the active Takeover Perk you wish to use. The Second Chance Perk does the following when used:

“When Takeover is full but not yet activated, making a mistake won’t completely reset the meter.”

Whether this perk is useful to you as a player will depend on your playstyle. If you are like me and mess up a lot, it is worthwhile to unlock and use to preserve your Takeover meter during a game.

This Takeover Perk must be unlocked if you wish to unlock Mamba Mentality. Unlocking it along with two other perks: Minimizer and Decelerator.

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