NBA 2K24 Fast Travel Guide

Image showing a subway station and the fast travel map in NBA 2K24.

Getting around the City in NBA 2K24 features a number of different means to travel around. Players can run around the hub on foot, use a skateboard, ride a bike, or even use other bizarre means of transportation. While general travel around the area can be quick, long treks can be a bit more time consuming. For longer treks its best to use the game’s fast travel system. To learn more about the system see our NBA 2K24 Fast Travel guide below.

How to Fast Travel in NBA 2K24

If you are familiar with the series, you will immediately recall how to fast travel around. The subway system is back once again. Players can visit a total of seven subway station in the City to fast travel to other locations. These seven stations are as follows:

  • Arena.
  • City West.
  • City East.
  • Rivals Plaza Station.
  • Elite Affiliation.
  • Beach.
  • Rise Affiliation.

To actually use these stations you must them. At the station walk down to stairs to bring up the Fast Travel map. On this map you can select from the locations mentioned above to go to those stations. This allows you to quickly move to different areas of the City without having to make the long trek.

How to Fast Travel Indoors in NBA 2K24

You can use fast travel in the Arena. When you enter it you can push R1/RB to go straight to the Arena Tunnel or jump to the exit. This allows you to cut out the long walk it takes walk through the Arena building.

That’s all you need to know about the fast travel system in NBA 2K24. The system is largely unchanged from the past few years with use of the subway being the primary method of getting around the City.

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