How to Get the Savage Wolverine in The Division 2

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The Division 2 received a new update today that features a number of new additions to the game including a new High End variant of the Wolverine Assault Rifle called the Savage Wolverine. If you want to get this weapon for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading below to learn how to unlock the Savage Wolverine in The Division 2.

How to Get The Division 2’s Savage Wolverine Assault Rifle?

The Savage Wolverine is acquirable by completing Field Research in The Division 2. Unfortunately getting the new High End Savage Wolverine blueprint is not as simple as completing any old Field Research you actually have to complete 4/5 stages of the somewhat difficult Firewall Field Research set. To help you in your quest to get this weapon I’ve linked a good video above from YouTuber ColdBwoyy that highlights everything you need to know about getting this new high end.

Savage Wolverine Blueprint Stage Requirements

If you don’t wish to follow the video you can see the stages you need to complete to unlock the Savage Wolverine Blueprint in the list below. If you have friends I highly recommend completing these stages with them as it will greatly lower the time needed.

  • Stage 1: Apparel Cache Keys (Reward), Caldera Mod & Lava Lake Vanity (Premium Rewards).
    • Prelude: Set 10 enemies on fire.
    • The Competition: Kill 10 enemy Scorchers.
    • Up close and Personal: Kill 20 enemies closer than 7 meters.
  • Stage 2: Ammo Dump Blueprint (Reward), Firewall safety helmet (Premium Reward).
    • Wild About It: Defeat “The Wildfire” in Roosevelt Island after destroying her fuel tank on Normal or higher difficulty.
    • Name and Shame: Neutralize 3 named enemies while they are afflicted by a status effect.
    • Inhumane: Apply 2 status effects to a single enemy before defeating them (do this 3x times).
    • No Smoking: Complete the Manning National Zoo mission against the Outcasts on normal or higher difficulty.
  • Stage 3: Apparel Cache Keys (Reward), Firewall shirt and pants (Premium Reward).
    • Bloodied Bloodhound: Eliminate “The Bloodhound” in the Federal Emergency Bunker after applying the bleed effect to him on Normal or higher difficulty.
    • Cruel and Unusual: Kill enemies while they are inflicted with a status effect.
    • Sick Burn: Kill enemies while you are burning.
    • Pistolero: Kill named enemies using your sidearm.
    • Orbital Burn: Complete the Space Administation HQ mission against the True Sons on Normal or higher difficulty.
  • Stage 4: Savage Wolverine Blueprint (Reward), Basalt Mod and Tremor Vanity (Premium Reward).
    • The Bigger Man: Neutralize “The Corpulent” in the Potomac Event Center after destroying his ammo pack on Normal or higher.
    • Sword and Shield: Eliminate enemies with melee attacks using the ballistic shield.
    • That’s Just Mean: Salute a burning enemy before killing them.
    • Skill Thrill: Kill enemies using skills.
    • Fire Down Below: Complete the DARPA Research Labs mission at the Pentagon on Hard or higher difficulty.

Upon completion of all of the stages listed above you will unlock the Wolverine Blueprint. This doesn’t mean you have the weapon yet. You will need to head to the Base of Operations to use the Crafting Bench to get this weapon in your inventory.

What Perks does the Savage Wolverine have?

Like other named weapons in The Division 2, the Savage Wolverine features a unique talents specific to this weapon. This talent revolves around kill distance and buffing your damage:

  • Perfectly Close & Personal: Killing a target within 10m grants +50% weapon damage for 10s.

Unlike the new Chameleon the Savage Wolverine is actually worth the effort to acquire. The unique talent it posses is rather strong and can shred enemies when used to its full potential.

That’s all you need to know to acquire the Savage Wolverine. While the stages you need to complete seem a bit daunting, the effort put in to acquire the Savage Wolverine is definitely worth it. Currently this gun is one of the better weapon’s in The Division 2.

Thoughts on our how to unlock the Savage Wolverine guide? Drop a comment in The Pit below.



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