How to Get the Hotdog Hat in NBA 2K24

Image showing the Hotdog Hat in NBA 2K24.

A popular hat in the NBA 2K series is back again. The Hotdog hat makes its triumphant return in NBA 2K24. This hat, as the name suggests, puts a hotdog on the player’s head. To get this hat for yourself requires collecting a very specific set of collectibles in The City. To learn all steps of how to get the Hotdog Hat in NBA 2K24, see our guide below.

Step 1: Collect 9 Shep Posters

Image showing the map location of the poster in the Sunset Park area in NBA 2K24.
Example of where to find a Shep Poster.

To begin the quest to get the Hotdog Hat you must first collect nine Shep Posters hidden throughout The City. To get these posters to appear you must first play a single match at the Sunset Park court. Once you’ve done that the nine posters appear in The City for you to collect. Upon collecting all nine posters you will unlock the Guerrilla Marketing quest.

Step 2: Complete Guerilla Marketing

Image showing the location of the Guerrilla Marketing quest in NBA 2K24.
Go to the quest marker to meet a certain returning character.

Upon collecting all nine posters you will receive a quest to find the source that is putting these posters up in the first place. Follow the quest marker to the Yard and speak to the character there. Upon speaking to this character you collect the 10th poster and unlocks the Hotdog Hat.

Step 3: Wear the Hotdog Hat

The Hotdog Hat is added to your clothing collection upon completion of the Guerrilla Marketing quest. To wear this hat make your way to the MyPLAYER menu and select Appearance. On the Appearance screen select The City and then select Head. Equip the Hotdog Hat from the Head menu to place the item on your MyPLAYER’s head.

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