How to Get the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22 Next-Gen

In NBA 2K22 there are a number of additional badges players can unlock to add to their builds. These badges add additional perks to your player build. One returning badges players can unlock is the Gym Rat badge. This badge adds permanent boosts from workouts. To get the badge for yourself here’s our how to get the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22 next-gen guide.

Gym Rat Badge Unlock NBA 2K22

Image showing the Gym Rat quest in NBA 2K22.

When you advance through the MyCAREER Mode in NBA 2K22 you will receive a quest called Gym Rat. This quest tasks you with visiting the Gatorade training facility in The City. Once you reach this location speak to the Gatorade rep outside to get the quest requirements.

To get the Gym Rat Badge for your build you need to complete a total of 50 workouts with at least 3 Stars. These workouts are found inside the Gatorade Gym. There is a wide variety of workouts available for players to complete across different fitness categories.

Currently the easiest method is to complete the hand/eye coordination test. This activity is easy to complete and can be done five times before hitting the maximum limit for the week. If you 3 star it each time it will only take you 10 weeks in-game to earn the Gym Rate Badge.

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