How to Get the Gallivanter Baller ST Free Guide

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To celebrate the holiday season Rockstar is giving players of their popular GTA Online title a free car. This free car is called the Gallivanter Baller ST and it can be yours for free over the holiday season. To learn how to get the Gallivanter Baller ST free see our guide below.

Claim the Gallivanter Baller ST from Legendary Motorsport

In order to claim this free vehicle for yourself you need to login to GTA Online. Once you are in the game open the browser and make your way to the Legendary Mostorsport website. On this website you will see the Baller ST in the top left spot, on sale, for the low price of free. Pick your color then purchase the vehicle and add it to whichever garage you want it delivered to. Once the delivery is completed the car is yours.

The Gallivanter Baller ST normally retails for $667,500. The vehicle is a large SUV that is inspired by the real-world Range Rover Sport models. Like other cars in the game you can upgrade this vehicle for better performance and security. If you own the agency garage you will find a model similar to this one in the garage itself, but with better security options.

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