How to Get the Alien Outfit in GTA Online

One of the ways you can set yourself apart in GTA Online is by dressing your character up in different clothes and unique outfits. Many of the clothing items are simple to get as all it requires is buying items from the various stores in game. In contrast to this outfits are much harder to get and far more rare to see on other players. Thanks to the recent Los Santos Summer Special update there is a new outfit players can get that turns them into a green alien. Continue reading below to learn how to get the alien outfit in GTA Online.

Complete the Solomon Collectible Hunt

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To get the Alien Outfit called the Space Interloper outfit in-game you need to complete the Solomon collectible hunt that was added in during the Los Santos Summer Special update. This event triggers the first time you start online after downloading the update. You will need to visit Solomon’s office first then the challenge will begin. This collectible hunt tasks you with tracking down 10 Movie Props that have been stolen from the studios where Solomon has his production company. To unlock the Alien outfit you need to find all 10 Movie Props (which can be done using our guide here).

Once you’ve found and delivered all of the movie props to Solomon he will invite you to enter into his office. Inside the office there will be a large crate you can interact with. Upon interacting with this crate you will trigger a cutscene in which your character will be wearing the Alien “Space Interloper” outfit. After the cutscene is over you will be wearing the outfit in the open-world. You can choose to take it off via the closet and even save it to quick change if you feel like being a green guy.

That’s all you need to know to unlock the Alien outfit for yourself. If you have a solid way of getting around the collectibles are fairly quick to get (barring the few random spawns). All said this outfit is easy to get and looks pretty unique.

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