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In the Los Santos Summer Special update for GTA Online Rockstar added a number of new additions including new collectibles to find. This new set of collectibles comes in the form of 10 hidden movie props scattered throughout Los Santos. To find the props players need to scour different locations for vans that house the collectibles. Once the collectible is found it must be returned to Simon. To help you find all the Movie Prop locations in GTA Online use our guide below.

Collecting Notes:

  • Use a vehicle like the MKII, Jetpack, or Helicopter to collect faster.
  • You can collect and deliver multiple props at a time.
  • Find all 10 props and deliver them to unlock an alien outfit.

Where to Start Solomon’s Movie Prop Hunt?

Image showing where to start Solomon's movie prop hunt mission in GTA Online.

Once you have the Los Santos Summer Special update install login to a session. Wait a few minutes in the session to receive a message from Simon about visiting him at his movie studio. Head to the movie studio when prompted and go inside Simon’s office. In the office you will learn about the missing props. This starts the prop hunt.

Where to Find All 10 Movie Props in GTA Online

Image showing the Movie Prop collectibles locations in GTA Online on the game's map.
Image showing the second map of the movie collectible locations in GTA Online.

There are a total of 10 movie props you will need to find for Solomon scattered across the map. These props are split into two categories: fixed locations and random car spawns. The fixed locations are always found at those locations and they are denoted by the stars on the map above. The random car spawns are cars that appear while you are playing. They are marked on your minimap with blue dots. I’ve added the areas these spawns seem to occur to the maps above. They are denoted with R+*. Use the maps above and the descriptions below to find all the movie prop collectibles.

Prop 1 Location: Next to Garbage Can Outside Solomon’s Office

Image showing the location of the prop outside Solomon's Office in GTA Online.

You will find this first prop right outside of Solomon’s Office next to a garbage can. It is a film reel collectible. Run up to it to collect this collectible item.

Prop 2 Location: Restroom Next to High Limit in Casino

Image showing the location of the prop in the Casino in GTA Online.

The first prop can be found inside the restroom next to the High Limit tables in the casino. It is directly in-front of you when you walk in next to some urinals.

Prop 3 Location: Porch of Old House in Grand Senora

Image showing the location of the prop in Gran Senora in GTA Online.

This prop can be found on the porch of an Old House in the Gran Senora area of GTA Online. When you grab it take it back to Solomon’s office to officially collect it.

Prop 4 Location: UFO Art Park in Grand Senora

Image showing the location of the alien prop in GTA Online.

The alien prop can be found in the UFO Art Pack in the Grand Senora desert. It is on the north side on the upper ledge. Run up to it to collect it. Return it to Solomon’s office.

Prop 5 Location: Altar in Altruist Colony

Image showing the Altruist prop location in GTA Online.

You will find this prop on the altar in the Altruist Colony in the mountains of the Los Santos area. When you enter this colony the npcs will attack you so be ready. Grab the collectible and take it back to Solomon’s office.

Prop 6 Location: Back Office of Vanilla Unicorn

Image showing the Vanilla Unicorn prop location in GTA Online.

This prop can be found in the office of the strip club. To reach the back room either shoot up the place or get a private dance so you can enter the back lounge. Once you are in the back area the prop is sitting on the desk. Snag it then take it to Solomon.

Prop 7 Location: Security Room of Fort Zancudo

Image showing the location of the film reel collectible in GTA Online.

You will find the film reel prop in the security room of Fort Zancudo. It is on a desk along the back wall. Since this is a high alert area you will need to get in and grab the collectible before getting killed. Once you have the collectible take it to Solomon’s office.

Props 8, 9, 10 Locations: Random Vehicle Spawns

Image showing the props of random vehicle spawns in GTA Online.

The last three props are all random vehicle spawns that. These spawns appear on your mini-map as blue dots when you are near. Each spawn is a vehicle like a van or truck. When you reach the vehicle you will typically need to steal it by either defeating the enemies around it or simply jumping into. Some areas to look for the spawns of these events are:

  • South of the casino around the theatre.
  • Paleto Bay around the clothing shop.
  • Kortz building and surrounding area.

There is no guarantee you will find the cars in the areas mentioned due to randomness, but they seem to have a good chance of spawning there. With that said it seems as though many of the spawns may occur while you are simply out and about. I had luck at all three locations above, but that is simply anecdotal evidence at this point. Let me know where you had the cars spawn in the comments and I will add them above.

What is the Reward for Collecting all 10 Movie Props

Image showing the Space Interloper Outfit in GTA Online.

When you deliver the 10th Movie Prop to Solomon he will message you to collect your reward from inside his office. Go into the office and interact with the boxes there. When you do this a brief cutscene will play where your character will emerge from the office wearing the Space Interloper Outfit. This alien outfit makes you look like a green alien creature. You also earn $50,000.

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  1. Dimitrios says:

    How will I take the figure from zacundo what ever I do 4 stars appear I don’t have the time to get it

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    Stuck….turned in all 10 items….no text. How can I get the outfit and $? Google ain’t much help.

  3. Lucario says:

    Had one spawn in Sandy Shores at 12:00 (00:00) AM near the two purchaseable houses in Paleto Bay, however the one near Kortz and Epsilon Program I am having extreme difficulty of finding (And yes I kept driving around)

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      I am the same i have jumped to another server and also been driving around for a good couple hours with no luck any suggestions would be helpful

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