How to Get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online

The new update for Red Dead Online, update 1.2, is now live and with it comes the new Naturalist role. In this new role players study wildlife rather than hunt and kill it. One of the ways you can study the wildlife is by taking photos. To take these photos you can by the new Advanced Camera. Learn how to get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online below.

Where to Get the Advanced Camera

Image showing How to Get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online.

The new Advanced Camera can be purchased from the hand-held catalogue in the Hunting & Fishing section. The new camera sells for $540.00 and promises the following improvements:

  • Increased Maneuverability: Move freely while using and taking self-portraits.
  • Straightforward Design: Capture the perfect photograph with ease.
  • Improved Technology: Master 10 different film treatments.

Like other advanced items in the game this camera is slightly better than original camera in the game. If you do purchase the Advanced Camera from the catalogue it will immediately be added to your person. It can be found on the item wheel next to the original camera.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online. With this camera you will find taking pictures of animals to be much easier since you can take photos on the fly.

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