How to Get the Acosta’s Go-Bag Exotic in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

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The Division 2 received its first expansion in the recently released Warlords of New York. As the name of this expansion suggests this add-on takes players back to the stomping grounds of New York City. Alongside this new location there are a number of additions like new gear and more importantly new exotics. One exotic players can now get is a kackpack called the Acosta’s Go-Bag. Check out how to get the Acosta’s Go-bag exotic backpack below.

How to Get the Acosta’s Go-Bag

From everything that has been reported up to this point the Acosa’s Go-Bag is available as a drop from any Faction Crates. This means you want to be out opening various world crates like the Hyena, True Sons, Cleaners, etc. Out of these crates there is a reported 3% chance of this exotic dropping. You can find the locations of these Faction Crates in the following video links below:

To open any of the crates above you need to have specialized keys. These keys can be found in a number of different sources including defeating named enemies, looting chests, and opening key boxes in the underground. If you wish to see more about this exotic backpack check out the video above from GameyDaddy.

Acosta’s Go-Bag Exotic Talent

The Acosta’s Go-Bag is an interesting backpack with a rather unique looking design. The backpack features a number of emblems and looks pretty good for a backpack. Visuals aside this exotic item has an interesting talent as well. The talent for the Acosta’s Go-Bag is:

  • One in Hand…: Damaging an enemy with a grenade grants +1 skill tier for 15s. Grants overcharge if already at skill tier 6.
  • …Two in the Bag:
    • +1 Armor Kit capacity.
    • +3 Grenade capacity.
    • +25% Ammo capacity.
    • +10% Repair-skills.
    • +10% Status effect.

This multiple talents are interesting and largely focused towards support and skill based builds. With that said the bonus ammo capacity and status effect increase could be useful in LMG builds also.

What do you think of this new exotic backpack from The Division 2 Warlords of New York? Is it something you want to get? Let me know if you are farming for this bad boy in the comments below. Good luck agent.

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