How to Get Story Keys in Genshin Impact

Story Keys are a special collectible items players can earn in Genshin Impact. This item is used to access special story chapters featuring the different characters in the game. If you want to know how to get this item for yourself we’ve got you covered. Below you will learn how to get Story Keys in Genshin Impact and what to do with them.

Where to Get Story Keys

Image showing how to claim Story Keys in Genshin Impact.

Getting keys in Genshin Impact is a fairly straightforward affair. To start earning this special item you first need to reach Adventure Rank 26. Once you reach this level you will unlock the Story Quest feature. With this feature unlocked you can begin to earn Story Keys. To do this simply complete 8x Daily Commissions (basically two days of commissions). Upon completing your eighth commission you are able to claim a Story Key. To claim your key make your way to the Story Quests Overview page (via Event or Quest pages). Here you will see a prompt to claim your key. Claim it to add it to your inventory. You can carry a total of three Story Keys at one time.

What to Do With Story Keys

Once you have Story Keys you can spend them on special missions. These missions are fairly high AR and require you to meet certain requirements before you can play them. Once you do reach the required AR level you can spend you keys on the different chapters in a story.

That’s all you need to know about Story Keys in Genshin Impact. By using this item you gain access to a variety of side content in the game. Continue to grind your Daily Commissions and you will have no problem collecting this item.

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