How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact

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Primogems are one of the major currencies for players to acquire in Genshin Impact. With this currency players are able to purchase a variety of things including things like Intertwined and Acquaint Fates. If you wish to know how to get Primogems for yourself this guide will help. Below I show how to get Primogems in Genshin Impact.

Complete Daily Commissions

Once a player reaches Adventure Rank 12 they unlock the ability to complete Daily Commissions. These Daily Commissions are special missions that refresh daily during the server reset. Each day you should complete the four Daily Commissions that are available to you. Completing a Daily Commission will give you 10x Primogems, plus scaling Adventure EXP, Mora, and Companionship EXP based on your current Adventure Rank. If you do complete all four missions each day you can receive additional Primogems by claiming the Daily Commissions reward bundles from the Adventurers’ Guild.

Do Primogem Rewarding World and Archon Quest

Image showing a world quest that rewards players with Primogems in Genshin Impact.

While your are completing various activities throughout the world of Teyvat there are main story and side quests to complete. Some of these quests reward players with Primogems. Complete these World and Story quests to earn various amounts of easy Primogem. To know if a quests will give your Primogems for completion open the quest screen and hover over the quest. View the Quest Chain Rewards at the bottom of the screen to see what it gives you.

Worship (Upgrade) Statues of The Seven

Image showing Worship (Upgrade) Statues of The Seven.

Throughout Teyvat there are special statues for players to upgrade called Statue of The Seven. These statue can be upgraded by offering special materials to them. Each time you upgrade one of these statues you receive a basket of rewards. Among the rewards is Primogems. For help finding the required Geoculus check out this helpful Genshin Impact world map.

Open Chests in the World

Image showing opening a chest in Genshin Impact for Primogems.

Throughout the different regions of Teyvat there are a number of chests you can find and open. These chests reward you with various items from inside them. Alongside the various items you receive you will also get some Primogems for your troubles. To help you find chests around the world I would again consult the Genshin Impact world map. Alternatively you can forge and use the Anemo and Geo Treasure compasses to help locate chests while in-game.

Activate Fast Travel Waypoints

Image showing fast travelling in Genshin Impact.

Throughout Teyvat there are special fast travel waypoints you can find and activate. These fast travel locations allow you to quickly move around the map. While being insanely useful to unlock there is also a second reason to trigger these statues. This reason is for the one time Primogems reward you receive. While you don’t get a lot per fast travel point, there are a number of fast travel waypoints to activate that do add up over time.

Take Part in Special Limted Time Events

Image showing a Limited Time Event in Genshin Impact.

miHoyo likes to create a ton of events for players to take part in in-game. These events typically revolve around real world holidays, but they can also be special to Teyvat. Most of the events have activities you can take part in daily to earn Primogems. When an event is active you will want to take part in its various activities to earn yourself some easy Primogems. Check the Events Overview page to see what activities are currently active.

Besides the traditional events miHoyo also runs special login bonuses. These login bonuses called Seize the Day will reward players with certain rewards for logging into the game daily. To collect these rewards that can include Primogems simply access the Event Overview screen while the login bonuses are running.

Complete Achievements and Experience Chapters

Image showing achievements in Genshin Impact.

As you are playing Genshin Impact you will find a number of lists that can be completed to earn various bonuses including Primogems. These lists are Achievements and Experience Chapters. Completing objectives on these lists will earn you rewards including Primogems. There are a ton of items to do in both Achievements and Experience chapters so be sure to focus your attention on them.

Complete Star Challenges on Floors in the Abyss

At Adventure Rank 20 you unlock the Spiral Abyss. This special dungeon on Musk Reef can be played to earn Primogems. Each floor of the dungeon can reward players with Primogems for completing 9 stars on each floor. This reward is a one time deal per floor, but can be a good way to get a nice infusion of Primogems with little work.

Get them From miHoyo Free or By Paying

As Primogems are very important to the game’s model miHoyo makes sure a steady supply of currency is available to players through a variety of methods. These methods typically involve some sort of input whether that be in real life or in-game. Some of the methods are free and others require paying. The ways of getting Primogems from miHoyo are:

  • In-game mail.
  • Purchased from the store (paid).

If you keep on top of the various news and livestreams miHoyo creates you can often snag yourself a decent chunk of Primogems with little effort. Our promotional codes post lists all of the currently active codes for the game so you will want to check that out pretty regularly.

The methods listed above are good ways of acquiring Primogem in Genshin Impact. I recommend exhausting the various free methods above before putting down money on the game. I also suggest saving Primogems to use for rolling on characters and weapons you want. Don’t just spend them frivolously.

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