How to Free Companions from Jail in Chernobylite

In Chernobylite your companions will often fail missions and be caught. When this occurs the characters go to a special map called the Jail Base. To return the companions back to your party you need to go and save them. To help you here’s our how to free Companions from Jail in Chernobylite.

Find Your Gear

Before you can free any of the companions that are trapped in the Jail Base you need to first find your gear. To do this sneak around until you overhear guards taking about your equipment. Listen in to the conversation and your equipment will be marked on your map for you to collect. Head to the marking and collecting your equipment to return all of your inventory back to yourself including the portal gun.

Free Your Companions

Companion in the Jail Base in Chernobylite.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

Once you have your portal gun you can free the companions to send them back to The Refuge. To do this head to the captured characters markings on your map. They will typically be inside of a jail cell. Speak to them to free them by using your portal gun. This sends the companions back to your home base allowing them to help you out with missions again.

After you’ve freed your companions feel free to loot the Jail Base for valuable materials. Once you’ve looted to your hearts content you can leave the Jail Base by using your portal gun as well. You will return to The Refuge.

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  1. Tom jones says:

    So I followed the steps to find Olivier at the jail base but after getting my stuff back I searched everywhere and could not find him if anyone has some advice it would be most appreciated

  2. jd says:

    How do you get to the jail base? Do you have to let the NAR kill / capture you?

  3. Larry says:

    most useless article… HOW DO I GET TO THE JAIL BASE?

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