How to Fight The Director Boss in Vampire Survivors

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The popular indie title Vampire Survivors has officially been fully released. This complete version of the game contains a slew of new additions in celebration of the full release including a new map and final boss for players to fight. To learn more about this new boss see our complete how to fight The Director boss in Vampire Survivors guide below.

Unlock the Eudaimonia Machine Map

Image showing the Eudaimonia Machine on the Stage Selection screen in Vampire Survivors.
The Eudaimonia Machine secret stage.

The new challenge map added in v1.0 is called Eudaimonia M. This new map must be unlocked before players can complete the steps necessary to fight the new boss. To unlock Eudaimonia M players need to collect all 9 stage relics available in the game. This means finding the following items:

  • Grim Grimoire (Inlaid Library).
  • Ars Gouda (Dairy Plant).
  • Milky Way Map (Dairy Plant).
  • Randomazzo (Gallo Tower).
  • Sorceress’ Tears (Gallo Tower).
  • Great Gospel (Cappella Magna).
  • Glass Vizard (Moongolow).
  • Magic Banger (Green Acres).
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane (The Bone Zone).

Once you’ve collected all of the Relics listed above you will unlock the Eudaimonia Machine stage. Go to the top of the Stage Selection screen and you will find the map there. Select it to go to the new level.

Get the Gracia’s Mirror and Seventh Trumpet Relics from The Director

On the Eudaimonia Machine stage you can only go up. Go up until you reach the mysterious figure. Walk into the figure to trigger a dialogue sequence. Following the dialogue sequence you will be offered two Relics you can choose between:

  1. Gracia’s Mirror: Unlocks Inverted mode.
  2. Seventh Trumpet: Unlocks Endless mode.

Select one of the Relics. Once you’ve made your selection the game restarts. Start up a new run and turn on either the Inverse or Endless options on the Stage Selection screen. Quit the run or complete it and go back to the Stage Selection screen. Eudaimonia Machine will be back. Do a run on the map and get the Relic you didn’t select the first time (so you’ve now unlocked both).

Do another run with the new Relic option enabled (either Inverse or Endless). Complete or quit out of the run to have Eudaimonia Machine appear a third time on the Stage Selection screen. Select it once again to go into the stage. Speak to The Director to start the final boss fight.

Complete The Director Boss Fight and Watch Game’s Ending

Upon speaking to The Director for the third, and final time, the boss fight will begin. The Director fight is similar to the multi-colored Reaper fight that players completed on the Cappella Magna stage. You need to both deal damage to the boss, avoid adds, and dodge arena traps. The best approach to ensure you win is bring in a character you’ve levelled up the most with Golden Eggs. You can watch my fight with the boss here.

Once you’ve completed The Director boss fight you will entire a rush mode where you can collect coins. Complete this mode and you will see the game’s official ending. Completing this ending unlocks the Greatest Jubilee Relic and Achievement.

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