How to Equip Weapon Trinkets in Borderlands 3

Weapon Trinkets are a new addition in Borderlands 3. As the name suggests these items can be added to your weapons to give them some visual flair. But how does one go about equipping them? Let me show you how to equip weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3 below.

Weapon Trinkets

Image showing the Weapon Trinket slot.

For starters open your inventory. On the inventory screen highlight the weapon you want to put a Weapon Trinket on and select the small box beside it to the left. This is the weapon’s trinket box. If the weapon doesn’t have a trinket currently on it you will see the box is empty (like the picture above). Once you’ve selected the box you will be taken to the Weapon Trinket page. On this page you will see all the Trinkets you currently have available. Select whichever trinket you want and add it to your weapon.

Weapon Trinket on a Gun

Image showing a Weapon Trinket on a gun.

Once you have a Weapon Trinket on a gun you will see it dangling there. In the picture above I have the Neon Skelly on my pistol. Keep in mind Weapon Trinkets are multi-use, so you can have all the same trinket you all of your weapons if you so desire.

Weapon Trinkets are like any other customizable item in Borderlands 3. You will come across new ones by completing quests, finding them in chests, or buying them from stores.

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