How to Customize your Weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2

Like GTAVRed Dead Redemption 2 features a fairly in depth weapon customization system to make your guns feel truly unique. To help you go through the process, here’s how to customize your weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Go to a Gunsmith

Almost everything to do with weapons can handled at a Gunsmith. Gunsmiths can be found in every major town in RDR2 and they serve a vital function. Not only can you purchase weapons and ammunition at a Gunsmith, you can also customization your weaponry there as well. To find your nearest Gunsmith, make your way to the gun marker inside of any town. Once you’ve gone inside focus on the Gunsmith with L2. This will bring up a few options. Select Customize.

Customize Your Weapon

After you select Customize, you will be taken to a menu showing all guns/weapons you currently own. The weapons that have the holster beside them are guns you currently have equipped. Select whichever weapon you want to customize form the list. I’m gonna customize my Volcanic Pistol. Before you can do any customization, you need to Clean Weapon. The Gunsmith can do this for you or you can use gun oil. Regardless after you’ve cleaned your gun you will have a few things you can change on it:

  • Components: additions you can make to your weapon for better performance. The Volcanic Pistol for example, can have Improved Sights installed for better accuracy.
  • Styles: change how your weapon looks. Under the Styles menu you can change the color of your gun’s metals, put engravings on the metal, put carvings on the handle, and apply a varnish where applicable.
  • Ammunition: There are different types of ammunition you can purchase for different weapons. Under the Ammunition menu you can buy the different types.

If you completely upgrade a weapon’s components at a Gunsmith, you will unlock the Locked and Loaded achievement.

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  1. Artur says:

    Instead of buying weapons hold a different button when u talk to him to customize

  2. Justin says:

    I have unlocked the semi auto shotgun, the pump action shotgun, and the double action revolver and it is in my inventory but when I go to the gun smith it not owned and it locked in the catolge. Please tell me if there is a fix to this.

    Thank you…

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