How to Change Jumpshot Animation in NBA 2K20

Like previous titles in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K20 starts your MyPLAYER out with a fairly generic jumpshot. While some may like this jumpshot, others can find it throws off their game drastically. Thankfully there is a way to change your jumpshot to be more the way you like and I’m here to show you how. Below you will learn how to change jumpshot animation in NBA 2K20.

Access The MyPLAYER Animations Menu

Iamge showing how to access The MyPLAYER animations menu.

To access your animations you need to first access the MyPLAYER Appearance tab from the options screen. From here select the My Animations menu from the navigation screen. Select this option to be taken to a new screen with a slew of animation options you can change.

Change Your Jumpshot on the My Animations Screen

Image showing how to change your Jump Shot in NBA 2K20,

Note: If you don’t like the jump shots you have, you can purchase more from the Animation Store which is the tab directly beside the My Animations tab on the MyPLAYER Appearance menu.

The My Animations screen is the hub for all things animations relating to your MyPLAYER. At this screen you can change Shots, Dribble Moves, Dunks and Layups, and more. For now though we are going to focus on our jump shot. To change your jump shot, select the jump shots options and choose whichever jump shot you want. Equip the jump shot and you are good to go. You can also equip shots for all types of shots such as free throws, dribble pull-ups, spin jumpers, hop jumpers, and more.

How to Unlock Custom Jumpshot Maker

How you unlock the Custom Jumpshot maker is a little bit different this year. Instead of unlocking by reaching a certain overall you need to practice. To do this make your way to the practice facility in the Neighborhood. Head inside and complete drills. You will do 4x sets of drills per visit. You will need to make a number of visits to the practice facility before the Custom Jumpshot maker unlocks.

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