How to Change Jump Shot in NBA 2K22

Whenever a new NBA 2K title releases players clamor to find the perfect jump shot in-game to make shooting a breeze. The release of NBA 2K22 is no different. This year players will want to explore the game’s Jump Shot Creator to make the best possible jump shot to get buckets with. To help in the process here’s a quick guide on how to change jump shot in NBA 2K22.

Where is the Jump Shot Creator in 2K22?

Visit the Animation screen to change your jumpshot.

If you’ve played previous versions of NBA 2K you will be familiar with where to find the Jump Shot Creator. In NBA 2K22 make your way into the MyCAREER mode and hit the start button. Scroll over to MyPLAYER tab and select Animation. This takes you to a new a screen filled with a variety of animations you can change. Scroll over to the Jump Shot Creator tab to access the creator menu. From here you can change the following:

  • Lower/Base.
  • Upper Release 1.
  • Upper Release 2.
  • Blending & Release Speed.

Selecting any of the above categories will display a list of different jump shots you can equip. There are a bunch to choose from. Scrolling the list to the right will give you access to NBA Player shots.

Now I won’t tell you the best combination as it is largely player choice. With that said you can’t go wrong with using known shooter’s like Steph Currey, Klay Thomspon, or Dame Lillard. Let me know what combination you’ve put together in the comments below.

Once you’ve created your jump shot you need to set it as active. To do this simply equip the Jump Shot you’ve created as the animation under Jump Shot in Scoring moves. This equips your created jump shot.

Thoughts on our how to change Jump Shot in NBA 2K22 guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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