How to Buy Ghost Glovewort 4,5 & 6 in Elden Ring

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Summons are a new addition in Elden Ring that allows players to summon enemies they’ve fought in the game. This makes it easier to fight bosses and faceoff against tough encounters. Each of the summons you acquire can be upgraded to increases its usefulness. To do this you need to get Ghost Glovewort. See our guide below to learn how to buy Ghost Glovewort 4,5& 6 in Elden Ring.

Find Ghostform Picker’s Bell Bearing [2] in Nokstella

To get this item you need to gain access to Nokstella, Eternal City. This can be done by finding the treasure in Nokron for Ranni. She then gives you the Carian Inverted Statue which allows you to get an item from the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Once you have this item the portal to Ainsel River Main opens in Renna’s Rise.

Take the portal to the Ainsel River Main area then follow the path through the Uhl Palace Ruins going west. Eventually you will arrive at Nokstella, Eternal City where there is a Site of Grace. From this Site of Grace head up the stairs to the west until you reach the top. Hang a left and go into the building there (shown above on map). Defeat all the enemy blobs inside the room and open the treasure chest there. Inside is the Ghostform Picker’s Bell Bearing [2].

Give the Ghostform Picker’s Bell Bearing [2] to the Twin Maiden Husks

Go back to the Roundtable Hold and go to the Twin Maiden Husks. Give the pair the Ghostform Picker’s Bell Bearing [2] you found. This unlocks the ability to purchase the following from them:

  • Ghost Glovewort [4] – 3600.
  • Ghost Glovewort [5] – 4800.
  • Ghost Glovewort [6] – 6000.

Once unlocked the sisters sell an infinite amount. These materials allow you to upgrade your special summons to higher levels. These special summons are more powerful than the normal ones you get of normal enemies.

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