How Furniture Sets Work in Genshin Impact

The new 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact has introduced the ability for players to decorate their own areas called sub-realms. This decoration uses placements of furniture and buildings to make the space more unique. While each individual piece of furniture and buildings can be placed separately there are special sets. These sets combined your furniture into a unique package that can be placed together to make a theme. This system is a bit confusing to use so I put together a short guide. Learn how furniture sets work in Genshin Impact below.

How to Place Outdoor and Indoor Sets in Genshin Impact

When you open the placement screen in Genshin Impact you will notice Outdoor and Indoor Sets appear on the far right tab. If you go to these tabs you will see various sets. Each individual set is crafted by acquiring the necessary furniture for them. You can learn the pieces needed by pushing “View Details” when you are hovered over a set. Once you have the pieces in your inventory highlight the set you wish to create and press Place. Once th set requirement is fulfilled you will are able to place the set wherever you like in your sub-realm (see image above).

You will need to place a variety of these sets as you advance through the sub-realm levels. There are a number of objectives tied to completing the sets. Using sets is a good option for players that lack the more artistic touch of placing objects. By doing these bundles you can place decent looking themes on your property with little to no work.

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