Honkai Star Rail Experimental Report 6

Face the Unknown mission details in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Experimental Report 6 is a limited time mission that players can complete as part of the Lab Assistants in Position event for an NPC named Wen Shiling. When this event is available players must track down various items for Wen to research. To help you complete the sixth day of the event, use our Experimental Report 6 guide below.

Where to Start Honkai Star Rail Experimental Report 6

Wen Shiling location.

To start the Experimental Report 6 Adventure Mission you need to have a few requirements completed. Players need to be Trailblazer Level 21 or higher and have completed Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo VI – The Past Will Return as an Avalanche.” Once both Participation Requirements are met you will be able to take part in this event.

When you are ready to begin the event make your way to the Master Control Zone area of the Herta Space Station. At this location head to the middle area to find Wen Shiling. Speak to Wen and say “Lab assistant work.” Wen then tells you that she needs to your help completing a specific investigation.

Face the Unknown

The sixth project she needs help with is called Face the Unknown. As part of her research Wen needs your help investigating Automaton Grizzle enemies by collecting specific materials. To complete her research she requires 1x Ancient Part, 1x Mechanical Parts, and 1x Basic Ingredients. The sources of these items come from a variety of locations:

  • Ancient Part Sources
    • Automatons.
    • Simulated Universe enemies.
    • Assignment rewards.
    • Embers Exchange.
    • Omni-Synthesizer – Material Exchange.
  • Mechanical Parts Sources
    • Robot Settlement: Automatons or other enemies.
    • Administrative District Shop.
    • Found in the destructible objects in the Herta Space Station.
  • Basic Ingrediants Sources
    • Administrative District Shop.
    • Found in destructible objects in the Herta Space Station.

Once you’ve acquired the materials listed above speak to Wen and submit them. For your efforts you receive Lab Assistant Rewards of: 70x Stellar Jade, 3x Ancestral Hymn, 1x All Good Potion, and 30,000x Credits.

Upon completion of this material collection quest you will be done for the day. You will need to wait 13 and a half hours to complete the next mission Experimental Report 7.

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