Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dance Achievement Guide

The Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dance achievement is a special achievement that players can unlock as part of the Luocha’s Companion Mission. This mission tasks you with observing special footage containing Luocha as he visits different parts of the Exalting Sanctum. After you’ve completed this mission you unlock this achievement.

How to Unlock the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dance Achievement

Before you can take on this achievement you need to ensure you’ve completed Luocha’s Companion Mission – A Knight Stranger. This mission becomes available to players after they’ve reached Trailblaze Level 34 and have completed the mission Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns. Once you’ve met this requirement you will be able to complete this mission for yourself.

Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dance achievement map location.
Investigate the Foursquare Mirror.

Once you’ve completed the mission you will receive a follow up message from Jingyan. In this text Jinyan says she has fixed some of the recordings that were previously unwatchable and that you should visit the Foursquare Mirror in the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery to view them. This interaction serves as a hint to the players as to where to go to get the achievement.

Make your way to the commission and go inside of it. Inside the Commission go up to the mirror and investigate it. When you do you will see a special sequence between Luocha and a mysterious person. This footage will cut out abruptly and you will unlock the Coffin Dance achievement for yourself.

Unlocking this achievement earns 5x Stellar Jade. To claim this reward navigate to the Achieved screen and go to The Memories We Share category. In this category you will find the Coffin Dance reward. Claim it to add it to your currencies.

This is not the only secret achievement for players to unlock in Honkai Star Rail. There is an online fight that turns real in the Artisanship Commission area that unlocks The Willing Does Not Bite. See our Honkai Star Rail The Willing Does Not Bite achievement guide for help doing that one.

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