Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Locks Solutions

Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Lock Gate 1.

Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Locks are puzzles players need to complete as they work their way through the dungeon in the In The Shadow of the Study Relationship quest. These locks are a bit confusing to solve when you first encounter them. To help you easily solve them all here’s a quick guide containing the solutions.

Slytherin Lock 1 Solution

The first Slytherin Lock you encounter is when you first enter the dungeon. There is a torch beside the lock so light that using any fire spell. Once the torch is lit turn to the right and look at the gate there. There are two symbols in the middle of the gate. Note the symbols and which position they are in. For this one its’ a circle and half circle on top and a snake on the bottom.

Once you know the solution use the lock next to the gate. Rotate the top lock to the circle and half circle symbol then rotate the bottom to the snake. Do this before the snake turns all the way around or it will attack you and you have to start. If the solution is inputted successfully the gate will open. The lock at the end of this room is Lock 3.

Slytherin Lock 2 Solution

Hogwarts Legacy second Slytherin Lock solution.
The solution to the lock is on the gate.

The second Slytherin Lock is located down the hallway to the left of the first gate we opened. To reach Lock 2 you crawl under a half opened gate. Before doing that note the gate to the right. This gate has the Lock 2 Solution on it. It is animal with tail on top and Z with triangle on bottom.

Go under the gate and interact with the second lock. Input the code as shown above. This will open the gate allowing you to continue onto the next room where you will find a third gate.

Slytherin Lock 3 Solution

Hogwarts Legacy third Slytherin Lock solution.
The solution to the lock is on the gate.

The third gate appears to not have a Slytherin Lock near it. That’s because the lock is the one located at the end of the room we opened when we opened Slytherin Lock 1. Take note of the two symbols on the third gate. They are Circle with Triangle on top and Big Triangle on bottom.

Backtrack all the way to the first gate and go through it. Reach the end of that room and drop down to the lock. Use the lock to input the code shown in the picture above. This will open the third gate.

Once the third gate is opened you will enter the room with a gat that can be opened with an Unforgivable Curse. This allows you to continue the In The Shadow of the Study side quest.

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