Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes Map Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes Map.

The Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes Map is an piece of paper you pick up during The Tale of Rowland Oakes side quest which you need to use to follow Rowland’s trail. The map is hand drawn and requires players to have a general idea where to go. To help you here’s a quick guide showing where the Rowland Oakes map leads.

Rowland Oake’s Map Location Solution

The Rowland Oakes Map can be found in the North Hogwarts Region in the Small Bandit Camp. When you pick up this map you will see a crudely drawn route (shown in the screenshot above). To find Rowland Oakes you need to identify where this map is leading you and go to that location.

Hogwarts Legacy Korrow's Ruins map location.
Korrow’s Ruins is the destination.

The location shown in the map is actually fairly close by. You can use the compass on the map to orient yourself, but basically all you need to do is leave the Small Bandit Camp and follow the river that is heading to the west. Go to the very end of the river and you will arrive at the Korrow’s Ruins.

Enter these ruins a make your way to the bottom to find Rowland imprisoned. Free Rowland by returning his wand to him. Once he is freed you will have completed the side quest.

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