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If you speak to Petra after completing a mission for her she will mention her brother Wallace has gone mission. Petra wishes to find Wallace who has wandered off on his way back from the Medeshamstede Abbey. If you agree to help Petra find her brother you will start the Have You Seen This Man? side quest. Use our guide below to complete this mission.

Find Wallace’s Last Known Whereabouts

Leave the settlement and head to the northwest. About 800 m from the settlement is Wallace’s last known location. When you reach the marker you will be inside the ruins of the Temple of Pluto. Interact with the clue Wallace left behind to move onto the next step in this side mission.

Discover What Happened to Wallace

Make your way into the basement of the temple and fight the boar there that attacks you. Once the boar is dead you will be able to investigate the area. Interact with the three clues left behind. After you’ve looked at the clues leave the basement and follow Petra who thinks she has seen Wallace nearby.

Turns out you are actually tripping out and Wallace is not nearby. As you follow Petra the world will become increasingly strange. Complete the strange activities that are thrown at you until you return to where you fought the wolves during The Huntress quest. After you fight the wolf spirits you will need to follow the elk back to the settlement. While it seems like you didn’t accomplish much you will run into Wallace. This cutscene ends the quest.

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