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There are a total of three Mythical/Legendary Weapons for players to find in the base game of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These Mythical Weapons are hidden across both the Norway and England maps. To find the Mythical Weapons you will need to meet specific requirements or complete certain tasks. One of the Mythical Weapons you can find is the Gungnir Spear. Learn more about the Gungnir Mythical Spear below.

Where to Find the Gungnir Spear

Image showing the Gugnir Spear Map Location.

The Gungnir Mythical Spear can be found on the map of Norway in the Hordafylke area of the map. Here you will need to enter the cave called Goinnhellir in the northeast corner. You go to this cave during the A Brother’s Keeper mission during the end-game. During this mission you break open the entrance leading into the cave which allows you to enter the cave system.

Image showing Where to Find the Gungnir Spear in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Inside the cave you will reach a T where you can go left or right. Opt to go left then shimmy through the hole in the wall to find the spear in the wall. The spear gives off a shining light so it is fairly obvious where to find it. Reach the spear by climbing up the stairway on the right.

How to Get the Gungnir Spear

As mentioned above you can’t simply pull the spear out without meeting a specific requirement. To get the Gungnir Spear you need to have a total of four Adrenaline Bars (yellow bars) unlocked. This means you will need to have a high power character that is built into the various branches of the skill tree. When you meet this Adrenaline Bar requirement all you need to do is simply pull the weapon out of the wall to have it added to your inventory.

Gungnir Spear Information

Description: “A legendary spear once wielded by Odin himself. It is said that this fine weapon never missed its mark.”

The Gungnir Spear is the Spear of Odin. It is a 2-hand spear that comes with three empty Rune Spots. The weapon has a specific perk that extends the Spear’s reach by a force field it emits. Anything to note is that the Spear has the final appearance unlocked with a light beam constantly emitting along its handle.

This is just one of three Legendary Weapons players can find in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla base game. There are more weapons and armor guide like this found in our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide hub.

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    You are wrong about this being accessible pre endgame. The only way to get through is to break a wall and that can only be done when the last main quest brings you to the cave

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