GTA Online Tow Truck Service

Tow Truck Service mission launch.

The GTA Online Tow Truck service is a special side activity that players can complete by owning as part of the Salvage Yard business. This activity allows players to snag cars from off the street to strip down for parts and, more importantly, money. To learn more about the Tow Truck service see our guide below.

How to Start the Tow Truck Service in GTA Online

To initiate a Tow Truck service, begin by acquiring a Salvage Yard. Upon purchasing one of these businesses, you can also buy a Tow Truck. Once you’ve secured both the business and the Tow Truck, head to your Salvage Yard and enter it.

Inside the garage, locate your Tow Truck. Approach and enter the vehicle. Upon doing so, you’ll encounter a prompt to initiate the “Launch Tow Truck Service.” Choose this option to drive outside and commence a Tow Truck Service mission.

Does the Different Tow Truck Matter in GTA Online

When purchasing a Tow Truck for your Salvage Yard, you have two options: the Pristine for GTA$1,100,000 or the Beater for GTA$650,000. The only difference between them is their appearance. There is no difference in the actual towing or payout. The Pristine resembles a brand new Tow Truck and can be resprayed whatever color you’d like, while the Beater has a more rundown look.

How to Complete Tow Truck Services in GTA Online

Towing a car to the Salvage Yard in GTA Online.
The goal of the mission is to collect the target vehicle and return it to your Salvage Yard.

After departing from the Salvage Yard in the Tow Truck, Jamal Amir assigns you a car to collect. Upon receiving the car details, a waypoint will appear on your map.

Drive to the waypoint, and reverse towards the target car. While backing up, lower the tow cable to connect it to the car. Once connected, you can proceed to tow it back to your scrapyard. At the scrapyard, drive up to the garage to deliver the car.

Tow Truck Service Rewards

After delivering the car to your Salvage Yard, your employees begin stripping it for parts. This process spans approximately a day or a few days of in-game time, depending on if you have employees. Upon fully stripping the car, you receive payment equivalent to the value of the extracted parts. Each completed car yields around GTA$35,000.

There is a limit on how many cars you can have in your Scrapyard being stripped at one time. This limit is two. Once you hit the limit, the Truck Tow Service will be unavailable until space is made in the garage when a car is completed.

That covers the basics of the GTA Online Tow Truck Service side activity. It’s a straightforward task that doesn’t require much time, providing a convenient way to earn some extra money.

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  1. SirDingusKan says:

    I have two garage places in the salvage garage and it did let me fill both but in the past week or so i can only have one car in there at a time as it would let me do two back to back now i can only tow one then wait for cool off then do another but only one car in the garage at atime

  2. Danny says:

    Once you start a tow truck mission, can you back out of it without starting a new session?

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