GTA Online The Contract Dr Dre Guide

After you visit the Golf Course and complete the mission called On Course you will need to head back to your agency. Once at the agency a cutscene will play then you will regain control of your character. At this point you can access your computer to start The Contract: Dr. Dre. This mission for Dre features a mixture of setups and a heist. To help you complete this mission use our GTA Online The Contract Dr Dre guide below.

Setup: Data Recovery

Image showing the Data Recovery mission in The Contract: Dr. Dre.

When ready access your computer in the agency and select VIP Contract. From this menu you will see The Contract: Dr. Dre and the first setup mission called Data Recovery. Select Data Recovery to begin this first task which is to infiltrate the FIB headquarters to gather data that could lead to Dr. Dre’s stolen phone.

Land on the Roof of the FIB Building

Upon selecting this setups mission you will be transported to a helicopter outside of your agency. Fly the helicopter east and land on the roof of the FIB building. When you land the helicopter a custcene will play and you will break into the building.

Locate the Communications Room and Steal the Hard Drive

Image showing the Communications room in the FIB building in GTA Online.

Inside the FIB building make your way to the left to find the communications room. Equip an explosive and blow the door off its hinges. Once the door is blown the alarm will trigger and you will get an automatic 4*. Approach the computer and install the virus onto it. Once the virus is installed you need to defend the area from enemies. Go back out and take cover. Defeat the enemies that appear then go into the Communications room and steal the Hard Drive.

Exit Building, Lose the Cops, And Make Delivery

Once you have the hard drive an exit will appear (yellow dot). Go to this exit to be taken to the roof of the FIB building. From here you can do a few things. You can climb the ladder up to the roof to get to your vehicle or jump off the side and parachute. Regardless the goal is to lose the cops. Once you’ve done this take the hard drive to the agency to end the mission.

Complete the Three Leaks (9 Missions)

Image showing the VIP Contract list for The Contract: Dr. Dre.

After you’ve completed the data recovery mission you will need to wait around a bit until you receive a conference call from Franklin and Imani. This call tells you to comeback to the agency. Back at the agency access your computer and hit up the VIP Contract. There are now three missions you can do. The missions are:

  • Nightlife Leak
    • The Nightclub (Intel).
    • The Marina (Intel).
    • Nightlife Leak (Heist).
  • High Society Leak.
    • The Country Club (Intel).
    • Guest List (Intel).
    • High Society Leak (Heist).
  • South Central Leak.
    • Davis (Intel).
    • The Ballas (Intel).
    • South Central Leak (Heist).

Each leak has three missions to complete. The missions follow similar formats with two being intel gathering and one being a mini ‘heist.’ When you start a leak you are locked out of the other leaks until you complete it. There is some downtown between each mission where you wait for phone calls to start the next mission.

Once you’ve completed all of the missions listed above you will be invited back to the agency. Here you will meet up with Dr. Dre. This meeting doesn’t go so well with there being more work needed to be done.

Complete Studio Time

After you complete the meeting with Dr. Dre there is another mission for you to complete. This mission is called Studio Time. To complete this mission you need to Dre’s car to Record A Studios. When you are ready to do so head to Franklin’s office and start the mission there.

Drive the car over to the studio and clear out the hired gunmen on the exterior. Make your way inside and clear a way to the recording booth where Dr. Dre is. When you enter a cutscene will play and the mission will end.

Hunt Down Johnny Guns

The attack on Record A Studios declared war on Dre. To rectify this he asks that you grab the character named Johnny Guns for him. You go to look for this character and he runs. Take out the guards that appear. After This the shootout Johnny ends up at the LSIA where you must grab him. Clear the hangar then injure him. Pick him up to trigger a cutscene where Dre beats him with a golf club. After the cutscene drive Dre to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club to end The Contract: Dr. Dre.

The Contract: Dr. Dre Rewards

Each of the Data Leaks you complete earns you $100k. Once you complete all the missions listed above you earn $1,000,000. Alongside the monetary bonuses you unlock a few interesting gameplay additions. The first is access to the Record A Studios. This building serves as a social hub you can visit to hang with other players and watch Dr. Dre perform. The second unlock is the Dr. Dre media stick containing new game music. The last unlock is Short Trips which are special two-player missions you can complete.

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