GTA Online On Course Guide

The first main story mission you need to complete in GTA Online‘s The Contract update is called On Course. You gain access to this mission after setting up your agency and completing a Security Contract. Franklin invites you to meet him at the Golf Course to speak to a high profile client. For more details on the mission see our GTA Online On Course guide below.

Ram the Golfers

Image showing ramming the carts in the GTA Online The Contracts mission.

After a long opening cutscene in which you meet Dr. Dre and some rude golfers you will regain control of your character in a golf cart. At this moment you get your first objective of the mission to ram the two golfers that were bothering Dre. This is fairly simple to do. There are two golfers and all you need to do is ram their carts until the bars fill. Once this is complete you will get the next objective.

Follow and the Intimidate the Golfer

Once you’ve smashed up both carts the last golfer you hit will drive to the pier. Follow him until he eventually stops and gets out of the cart. Confront the golfer by standing over him when he is on the ground. When prompted hit the golfer with your golf club repeatedly until he is adequately intimidated.

Upon completion of the quest you will return to the open-world. To advance the main story simply wait for Franklin to call you. When he does you will need to return to your agency to trigger a new cutscene. After the cutscene you can then access the VIP Contracts from your personal computer. Here you can start The Contract: Dre. Dre.

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