GTA Online First and Last Dose Missions List

GTA Online First Dose screenshot.

The GTA Online Drug War expansion features a main storyline that players can complete. This main storyline is split into two parts: First Dose missions and Last Dose missions. If you are wondering how many missions are in the expansion this post will help. Below is the complete GTA Online First and Last Dose Missions list.

How Many Missions are in First Dose?

Rockstar staggered the release of the content within the GTA Online Drug War expansion. The first portion was called the First Dose. This portion contained the first half of the expansions storyline and introduced players the to the new Acid Lab business. To get this business up and running players must complete the following 6 expansion missions.

  1. Welcome to the Troupe.
  2. Designated Driver.
  3. Fatal Incursion.
  4. Uncontrolled Substance.
  5. Make War Not Love.
  6. Off the Rails.

Once players complete these 6 missions they transition into the second part of the expansion called the Last Dose. This second section contains more missions to complete.

How Many Missions are in Last Dose?

GTA Online Last Dose screenshot.
Screenshot from Last Dose. Image via Rockstar.

The Last Dose part of the expansion switches the focus of the drug war away from the Acid Lab business and introduces the FriedMind group headed by Dr. Friedlander. This group runs a competing drug business and must be put out of business for the player’s own operations to thrive. To complete this portion of the expansion players must beat 5 missions.

  1. This is an Intervention.
  2. Unusual Suspects.
  3. FriedMind.
  4. Checking In.
  5. BDKD.

Upon completion of these 5 missions the player beats the Drug War expansion storyline. If players wish to replay these missions they can do so through the Fooliganz shop.

Completing all 11 missions in the expansion as host unlocks the Dr. Friedlander’s Ocelot Virtue Supercar. This special car comes with a FriedMind Livery. It can be upgrades at any San Andreas Customs and the Agency Workshop.

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