GTA Online: Find the Madrazo Files on Cayo Perico

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The first intel mission you unlock in GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist is to find the Madrazo Files. To do this you will need to head to the island. On the island you will need to collect a bunch of intel for you heist planning. This means you will need to stealth your way across the island multiple times without getting caught. To learn more about this quest see our find the Madrazo Files in Cay Perico guide below.

Meet Dave and Keinemusik at the LSIA Private Terminal

The first objective in this mission is fairly straightforward. Leave your sub and head to the LSIA Privat Terminal. At the private terminal walk up to the plane to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will arrive in Cayo Perico. Your character will change into a different outfit on the plane to blend in better. This outfit is just a shirt and some jeans. Upon regaining control of your character you will complete the first objective.

Drive El Rubio and Dave to the Beach Party

When prompted get into the jeep and drive to the beach that is located about 0.6 miles from the airport. Since this is a stealth/recon mission stick to the road and don’t mess with any of the soldiers you see. Simply drive to the quest marker. At the marker a cutscene will trigger.

Once you take control of your character you will receive a message from Pavel. All you need to do right now is blend into the party until he messages you a second time this will trigger the next mission objective. You can blend in by dancing or simply standing around.

Exit by the South Gate Without Being Spotted

To leave the party without being spotted head to the bar then take a left. Along the rocks you will see a bunch of foliage. Hug the rocks and walk through the foliage so you reach the path with the quest marker on it. Wait for guards to look the other way then continue through the foliage to the gate. At the gate a cutscene will trigger.

Sneak to the Entrance of El Rubio’s Compound

When you leave through the south gate you will enter a stealth sequence. During this sequence you need to avoid guards as you make your way on foot to the entrance of El Rubio’s Compound. As you make the journey you need to avoid being spotted by enemies along the way. If you are spotted they will return you to the gate where you will have to start over. There are a number of paths to take here so I will leave it up to you. Just stay out the enemies line of sight and you will be fine.

Find the Communications Tower and Hack In

Image showing the communication tower puzzle solution in GTA Online.

Once you reach the gate you will be told by Pavel that it is heavily guarded. Since security is tight there is no real way for you to enter the compound. To get around this you will need to make your way to the nearest Communications Tower. This tower is located nearby so head there when prompted.

At the tower you need to hack into the network. To do this you need to attach wires so they equal a certain power number. The picture above shows you what that looks like. Once you have access to the network you will unlock the ability to use Sightseer on your phone. Use this app to take control of a camera. Cycle through the rooms and look until you find the Basement and Office. Look through both of these rooms to identify the document’s location and how to reach them. You can look through the other camera feeds for further intel if you so desire.

Taking Picture of Stuff Then Leaving the Island

Image showing taking pictures of Intel in GTA Online.

Once you’ve identified the location of the documents Pavel will send you around the island to various locations to gather more intel. This is done by taking pictures with your camera of the location or item Pavel mentions then sending the picture to him. You will need to do this for a number of locations before you can leave the island. When you are finally good to go simply speak to the pilot to fly back to Los Santos. Back at the airport you will complete this mission. Head to your sub to start the next mission in the heist prep.

This guide is part of our larger GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist hub. Follow the link to access more of the guides we’ve created for this update. Thanks for reading and happy heisting.

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6 responses

  1. ethan says:

    you dont always get the files first time, i got the tequila my first time scoping the island out.

  2. daris says:

    im so confused i gathered all the intel and on sightseer Madrazo files are still not available he’s just standing there looking at a closed safe what do i do now??

    • Daris says:

      im so confused i gathered all the intel and on sightseer Madrazo files are still not available he’s just standing there looking at a closed safe what do i do now??

  3. Burak says:

    Can you use the cctv after leaving the island and then coming back because i did that and now icant find compound entry points

  4. Murchy says:

    Can you go back to the island to gather more intel? I got kicked off and was only able to stealth around the island for 15 minutes. I’ve missed so many opportunities to get this right! From the submarine, you can launch the “Gather Intel” mission again, but it doesn’t give you anywhere to go, or any instructions on how to get back. Any help?

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