God of War Ragnarok Spartan Aspis

God of War Ragnarok Spartan Aspis shield.

The God of War Ragnarok Spartan Aspis is a special shield players can obtain in the game’s New Game Plus mode. This shield has a tighter parry window but can deal special counterattacks when successfully done. To learn how you can go about obtaining this shield for yourself, see our how to get the God of War Ragnarok Spartan Aspis shield guide below.

How to Get the Spartan Aspis Shield

Getting the Spartan Aspis shield is very easy to do. Start up a game in the New Game Plus mode. Continue through the storyline until you reach Sindri’s House. At this point in time you unlock access to Huldra Brothers’ Shops throughout your journey. Visit one of these shops and access the Weapons > Shields. The Spartan Aspis Shield is available for 7500 Hacksilver. Like other weapons in the game you can upgrade the shield using resources you find on your journey.

Spartan Aspis Shield Description and Perk

The Spartan Aspis shield is similar to the Guardian Shield but has a shorter parry window. This makes using it a bit unruly. With that said, the benefits of the shield can be very high if you adapt to the parry window. When you successfully Parry you can follow it up with either an R1 or R2 to unleash special counterattacks that do more damage than normal shields.

That’s all you need to know about the new game plus shield. This shield is not the only new piece of equipment that was added in New Game Plus. You will want to check out the new armor sets available and the Black and White mode that are now available as well.

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